Monday, May 22, 2006

getting older

I realized something tonite. When you get older, you have a natural tendancy to feel people owe you respect. You (and by you, i really mean me, but i'm hoping this is a general phenomenon) become more and more sensitive to rudeness, and feel people should just act nicer to you, and give you more attention.

I attended "the islands" show tonite at babylon, which was quite an "old man" feat in itself as i was butt tired, my bones are sore, and its a long weekend which i really woulda liked to cap off with a quiet night in with food and a movie. But i went, and did enjoy. However, the lead singer came accross as an ass. Or at least i thought so. I would guess most of the early 20somthings didn't notice. When the band left the stage to go "wait" out back before their encore i was peeved as they just walked off like we weren't there. I was annoyed. I was like "c'mon, we're right frickin here!!! don't bother, this is rude, just play your silly encore, i only came to hear the swan song anyways". Then when they came back on, i affinized, and realized myself 5 years ago wouldn't of thought anything of it, and would have greeted them with more appreciation for having done so.

Blah blah, the moral is, i think i'll try to observe this tendancy towards sensitivity to what might be considered rudeness, and make mental notes on it. People aren't out to piss you off, they're just trying to build mystique if anything. And if they are, their true colours always come out in the wash. Acceptance is key, and judging never leads anywhere good, even if you're judging people you'll probably never talk to and have far to little to judge anyways.


  1. Bob - I'm so glad you are getting older because that just means you are getting closer to me! But back to the topic--about the rudeness thing. I think it is ok to judge sometimes and even be a bit cranky about this. Sure, acceptance of people in all their fabulous diversity and eccentricity is positive. However, I think we can be critical of the cultural trend towards rudeness. The lead singer was being an ass, and the young innocents accepted his rudeness as if it is "normal". I think we older folks can raise questions about that. People aren't necessary out to piss others off intentionally. But, if they are so out for themselves, other people figure nowhere on their radar screens.
    p.s. I made a really good paella on the weekend. I should have photographed it!

  2. Thanks for the comment Aggy!! I guess it's 'ok' to judge sometimes, or at least form opinions, i just saw the beginnings of "darn teenagers, get off my lawn!!!" in my initial judgments of the band. I got a little scared. I can't say for sure i won't be like that, but i'd like to keep as open and understanding a mind as possible as i "get wiser". Salty grains coarsly ride the fine lines between bitterness and sweet acceptance, if my attitude were a dish i'd like its flavour to land on the sweet accepting side :)

    And paella, yes!!! I didn't even know what it was until you mentioned it, did you use saffron? I've got some saffron that i spent like 8 bux for in my cupboard for a morroccan dish i made months ago, i hope it doesn't go bad. Mabye i'll try this paella thing, although it looks like you need a special pan, but i could probably make due with something i've got... and yes, you should've fotoged it! Next time for sure.

  3. Yes, I used saffron. It is very cool stuff --turns everything yellow! I just used a really big frying pan and that worked fine.

  4. i always thought the whole fakeness behind encores was silly and ridiculous anyway. i.e.: we all know you're coming back out no matter how loud [or not so loud] we clap/cheer so...what's the point?

    it was an okay show at least, no?