Saturday, April 15, 2006


I just realized i haven't sat down and relaxed without anything in the backdrop to do, for a very long time. Since i got my house, which is approaching 1 year ago, there has always been something that needed to get the pump done. Always something to look into, research, figure out, decide, buy, fanagle, shim, cut, or pry out just waiting for me to find the time. Tonite after a hard day of not turning my panel off when working on it (i think i will from now on), i decided to relax the pump out tonite. I've almost forgotten how?? But i did remember, and it has been kinda nice. Except i eat far too much when i'm relaxing.

Serious electrical work has been accomplished. I know can/have done junction boxes, know that that thing that home depot *doesn't* sell to connect wires to a box is a connector, have discovered crazy circuits, not gotten zapped, and have almost completely isolated the upstairs panel from the downstairs (only two outlets left, yippee!!!). The back room is also sans drywall, power, flooring and ceiling, its all ready to be applied to. It is my playground, and hopefully it will be completed in the next few months. Ahhh, fun stuff.

In other news i'm trying to train for this 10k race coming up at the end of may. It should be ok, the "training" is hard, mostly because i haven't given my body a rest from intoxicants like i should. Its tuff, trying to enjoy and partake in my lifestyle is not condusive to removal of certain seemingly important elements for long periods of time. But in the grand scheme, another 5 or 6 weeks is by no means long, and it really should be done.

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