Saturday, March 4, 2006

staying in?

I once wrote a song about going out at night. About how the allure of the nighttime, the action, the uncertainty would always be too much to deny. That was about 7 or 8 years ago. I found that tonite, for a variety of reasons, i just stayed home. Its perhaps a turning point, or just a sign of the current scene, but it feels substantial. I am sick, been sick for what feels like months, and really need some rest. I could've gone out, done some good old fashion beer pounding, but i didn't. The reasons not to outweighed the reasons for doing it. And i'm happy with my decision now, and for damn sure i'll be happy with it in the morning when my head isn't pounding and its sunny and its gonna be springtime soon and life is good. The front steps when the sun is pounding are superb, i can't wait to see the ice melt slowly away and my maple start budding... but ya, i didn't go out, i didn't get wasted, and i feel happy with my decision. But i do have to say, if next week is free, i'm going out and seeing if i've been missing anything, and ya, will probably write saturday or sunday right the fuck off. And i think i'll be happy with that decision too, all things, all in their right place and time, that time just hasn't been lately, perhaps it will be next weekend.

I have been alive and doing some stuff lately, just not blog like stuff. I did make a quiche last week sometime, they're pretty easy really. And some curries. I tried eating a mango at my desk at work a few weeks ago, if they're too ripe its a little too messy to classified as work food. But damn, those pink ladies, damn. If herb n spice has the big ones, they're the bomb, nothing beets em!!!

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