Sunday, March 12, 2006

obligatory cute animal picture

pup in pradaThis is my friends new baby. Say hi to taco grande. He's pretty cute. I'm not even a sucker for cute animals, but this one is pretty cute. Kinda useless and incredibly high maintanence, but cute.

In other news, the poker has not slowed down. Thanks to one of my friends being born 30 years ago yesterday, we convened at my house after the tavern for a gigantic ad hoc 19 person tournament. I of course, finished 2nd. It was lots of fun. Now the real question - do i toss the 30 or so empty touborg cans in the recycle bin for the folks that'll come scrounge, or do i return em? I'm pretty lazy, and o so giving, i think i'll leave em in the bin.

But wait!!! That was not the real question. The question i ask myself, is what kind of flour should i use for gnocchi tonite? I bought a flimsy potato ricer last weekend from domus. Fifteen bux compared to the stainless steel ma cuisine one. Which was, much nicer, but do i need to spend 50 bux on a stainless steel potato ricer that i might use 3 times a year?? I don't very well think so. So the flour, yes, that is the question...

And let me just say, springtime comes and leaves are back on the trees again, i know not of the snappers, but they're harder to see my friends, i will not hide from my close friends, i will live long on the weekends.


  1. My baby is smart, affectionate and brings great happiness to everyone around him. I believe possessing the ability of making someone smile simply by tilting his head should render him useful. He himself isn't high maintanence. I make him high maintanence, because that is my way of expressing unconditional love for him. He is so cute! And he knows I'm Mummy!

  2. Ok, i agree. I resind (sp) my comment. I occasionally look at everything in the universe through wholly pragmatic eyes, frequently missing emotional consequences of things. Learning always, I really need to do less of that, open my red 3rd quadrant more to emotional angles. I appreciate the comment, thanks gigi!!!!

  3. Hey I love that picture! It is so cool! What is your dogs name?

  4. Did you read the post?? Its taco grande... and its not my dog. But thanks for dropping by!