Sunday, March 26, 2006

leafing las vegas

I hope the leaves come out soon. I'm basically sitting here waiting for that to happen. I'm procrastinating about fixing stuff, just trying to work the energy up to put a shirt on and go upstairs to fix a bathroom sink cabinet thingy. I didn't install it too well considering my floors being all slanty and the bottom of the thang being all straight. Sometimes shimming just doesn't do the trick. You need to screw too.

I went to the home n garden show yesterday. It was ok, pretty much what you'd expect. Every third booth seemed to be someone selling a miracle squeegee product, or miracle "never clean your <blah> again!!!" solution (90% of the time you could substitute in the word "gutter" for "blah"). I bought some seeds. I got some black tomatos, some cantelopes, and some smoking tobacco. I've got an aquarium where fish had previously died and i don't want to see that happen again. I'm gonna plant some stuff, see what happens. It should be ok, their death shouldn't be taken so bad, and i won't constantly feel like the specimens could have a better life somewhere else (even thought that'll be the case with the plants).

I'm also in the process of tearing the shite outta my back room, ceilings are coming down, light fixtures will be installed, chimneys probably not get removed, but crazy weird beams are gonna come crashing down. I hope my house doesn't. It shouldn't, but you never know.

Other than all this everything is superb. Back to the old adage "why write in your blog when everything is peachy?".

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