Monday, March 20, 2006

the flaming lips

The new flaming lips album is super kick ass. Since one of my first 4 cd's i ever purchased (transmissions), they've been one of my favorite bands. The new album isn't officially out yet, but for some lucky reason i've stumbled across it and totally love it. Good work guys.

This is just an interlude, a flight of fancy, an emancipation of novelity and a gracious acceptance of change of season. All good things will come and go, and the bad things will appear as though they were never upon us. I for one am still very much happy although longing still, mostly for the unknown, but certainly for some time off, some warm weather, and some sweat to drip of my body in the heat of some home improvement task. And dough pounding, i sweat a lot when i'm pounding dough.

How do people decide to get married? Some wait long, some don't wait at all. Some have reasons, some just have a lack of reasons. To me, yes, its scary as all hell. But not as scary as it used to be. But that means little, its still pretty scary. I am so happy to see people happy, and to see people get happily married. If the world had more smiles, there would be less room for frowns, and more time for the flaming lips.

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