Sunday, March 26, 2006

leafing las vegas

I hope the leaves come out soon. I'm basically sitting here waiting for that to happen. I'm procrastinating about fixing stuff, just trying to work the energy up to put a shirt on and go upstairs to fix a bathroom sink cabinet thingy. I didn't install it too well considering my floors being all slanty and the bottom of the thang being all straight. Sometimes shimming just doesn't do the trick. You need to screw too.

I went to the home n garden show yesterday. It was ok, pretty much what you'd expect. Every third booth seemed to be someone selling a miracle squeegee product, or miracle "never clean your <blah> again!!!" solution (90% of the time you could substitute in the word "gutter" for "blah"). I bought some seeds. I got some black tomatos, some cantelopes, and some smoking tobacco. I've got an aquarium where fish had previously died and i don't want to see that happen again. I'm gonna plant some stuff, see what happens. It should be ok, their death shouldn't be taken so bad, and i won't constantly feel like the specimens could have a better life somewhere else (even thought that'll be the case with the plants).

I'm also in the process of tearing the shite outta my back room, ceilings are coming down, light fixtures will be installed, chimneys probably not get removed, but crazy weird beams are gonna come crashing down. I hope my house doesn't. It shouldn't, but you never know.

Other than all this everything is superb. Back to the old adage "why write in your blog when everything is peachy?".

Monday, March 20, 2006

the flaming lips

The new flaming lips album is super kick ass. Since one of my first 4 cd's i ever purchased (transmissions), they've been one of my favorite bands. The new album isn't officially out yet, but for some lucky reason i've stumbled across it and totally love it. Good work guys.

This is just an interlude, a flight of fancy, an emancipation of novelity and a gracious acceptance of change of season. All good things will come and go, and the bad things will appear as though they were never upon us. I for one am still very much happy although longing still, mostly for the unknown, but certainly for some time off, some warm weather, and some sweat to drip of my body in the heat of some home improvement task. And dough pounding, i sweat a lot when i'm pounding dough.

How do people decide to get married? Some wait long, some don't wait at all. Some have reasons, some just have a lack of reasons. To me, yes, its scary as all hell. But not as scary as it used to be. But that means little, its still pretty scary. I am so happy to see people happy, and to see people get happily married. If the world had more smiles, there would be less room for frowns, and more time for the flaming lips.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

obligatory cute animal picture

pup in pradaThis is my friends new baby. Say hi to taco grande. He's pretty cute. I'm not even a sucker for cute animals, but this one is pretty cute. Kinda useless and incredibly high maintanence, but cute.

In other news, the poker has not slowed down. Thanks to one of my friends being born 30 years ago yesterday, we convened at my house after the tavern for a gigantic ad hoc 19 person tournament. I of course, finished 2nd. It was lots of fun. Now the real question - do i toss the 30 or so empty touborg cans in the recycle bin for the folks that'll come scrounge, or do i return em? I'm pretty lazy, and o so giving, i think i'll leave em in the bin.

But wait!!! That was not the real question. The question i ask myself, is what kind of flour should i use for gnocchi tonite? I bought a flimsy potato ricer last weekend from domus. Fifteen bux compared to the stainless steel ma cuisine one. Which was, much nicer, but do i need to spend 50 bux on a stainless steel potato ricer that i might use 3 times a year?? I don't very well think so. So the flour, yes, that is the question...

And let me just say, springtime comes and leaves are back on the trees again, i know not of the snappers, but they're harder to see my friends, i will not hide from my close friends, i will live long on the weekends.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

staying in?

I once wrote a song about going out at night. About how the allure of the nighttime, the action, the uncertainty would always be too much to deny. That was about 7 or 8 years ago. I found that tonite, for a variety of reasons, i just stayed home. Its perhaps a turning point, or just a sign of the current scene, but it feels substantial. I am sick, been sick for what feels like months, and really need some rest. I could've gone out, done some good old fashion beer pounding, but i didn't. The reasons not to outweighed the reasons for doing it. And i'm happy with my decision now, and for damn sure i'll be happy with it in the morning when my head isn't pounding and its sunny and its gonna be springtime soon and life is good. The front steps when the sun is pounding are superb, i can't wait to see the ice melt slowly away and my maple start budding... but ya, i didn't go out, i didn't get wasted, and i feel happy with my decision. But i do have to say, if next week is free, i'm going out and seeing if i've been missing anything, and ya, will probably write saturday or sunday right the fuck off. And i think i'll be happy with that decision too, all things, all in their right place and time, that time just hasn't been lately, perhaps it will be next weekend.

I have been alive and doing some stuff lately, just not blog like stuff. I did make a quiche last week sometime, they're pretty easy really. And some curries. I tried eating a mango at my desk at work a few weeks ago, if they're too ripe its a little too messy to classified as work food. But damn, those pink ladies, damn. If herb n spice has the big ones, they're the bomb, nothing beets em!!!