Thursday, February 2, 2006

what else to say?

When life is good, is there any reason to lament? I guess about food i've made, which has been little... lets see, what are the food highlights of recent days:
- dim sum at yangtzee last weekend
- coconut drink and veggie pho at vietam noodle house... at least i think thats what its called
- dim sum indonesian style at some indonesian place in kanata. Interesting, hardboiled eggs that were a little green smothered in peanut sauce, vedy strange but good!
- so much pho
- gluten free corn pasta with jalepno's (no time to check spelling)
- spicey pickled eggplant from direnzo's
- the veggie sandwhich from direnzo's when they haven't run out of the good bread
- when you get to smoke in a popular ottawa indian restaurant when the staff wanna party and you're still there, but they don't wanna push you out
- lots of fruit, including fresh figs n dates
- hazelnuts
- wings...

ok i'm kinda petering out there, but you get the jist. Life is super, i just wish i had more time to.... i dunno. I guess i don't wish for anything but more of the same. And even that i don't think i can handle. I'm just gonna roll with it. I do wish i had been taking more pictures of food and other stuff. THat i should give'r on. THen give'r some more.

O, one unrelated thing that was good. "He died with a falafel in his hand". Very cool movie, totally my style, super kickass.

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