Friday, January 13, 2006


I often wonder, not why we're here, why we're given this opportunity, but why we are given the power to experience such happinness and such sadness. Extremes are fundamental to our existence. Some people live there lives on one end, some on the other, and some constantly fluctuate in between. I wonder if you were to take all the individuals on the planet, sum all their respective happiness/sadness scales, what you would get? Would it be in the center? On the sadness side? Happinness? Is there some global/universal quota? Perhaps me being happy means taking it away from someone else. I have to assume this is not the case, if i'm going to continue with my optimistic attitude for this new year, new life i'm loving leading.

The cleanse is done. It was a complete success, although i probably needed a few more days (not fully clean if you know what i mean). Little "easing off" took place yesterday, started with oj, then sweet pink lady apple, then some organic sweet potato soup (not mine), then veggies and salad along with some WAY too salty olives... then a banana and more soup in the aft. Dinner was succulent, tofu pho and veggies at golden turtle, holy crap, animal based broth ok, but WOW. That fried tofu they stuff in gets more flavour than any beef they could, i suppose cause of the beefy/oxxy broth, but i don't care, spectacuLAR! The night ended with an oven at 425, some walnuts and hazelnuts, and when ready, roasted chestnuts and red wine.... ok , then it ended with toblerone, lindt, and chestnuts. I really need to try/make some chocolate covered chestnuts. O baby.


  1. Maybe happyness stems from experience; luckly there's no scarity of experience. Or happyness stems from ignorance; and everyone is born with a supply they can only lose and never gain.

    Or happyness is a warm gun.

  2. I suppose happiness could be all of those things to different people. I guess i've realized its what you make it, and what you want it to be.

    Btw, do you spell women with a "y" too?? :)

  3. mmm.....golden turtle tofu pho sounds delish. Where *is* the golden turtle, exactly?

  4. Golden turtle is on booth, a block or so south of somerset, on the east side. I actually had it again last nite and they forgot the tofu... i didn't really care that much, but you've been warned. And you have to ask for the veggie menu, they normally don't just give it out (for some reason).