Tuesday, January 10, 2006

cleanse day 8

All is progressing well. I really want to eat. Shit is strange stuff, bodies are strange, i've already talked about the input/output phenom, but man, its something you really don't appreciate until you "simplify". I sit here drinking my senna tea, wishing to munch. I think it'll be nice to regain a baseline for eating, bring me back to the basics, make me really think about what i'm putting in my body. Its nice to know i've got the willpower to stop putting anything bad in for 10 days (or so)... it actually won't be the full 10 days, it has been decided to sort of end it at the middle of the 9th day. My lunch of friday is a must, and well, we'll do the flush on thursday but that'll be about it. We'll test ourselves with soups/broths, then veggies, then some pho sans meat... damn i can't wait, less than 40 hours and i'll be putting something other than water/maple syrup/lemon/lime/cayenne/herbaltea into my body.

I do recommend it tho. I think i would need to go a perhaps a while longer to clean out the rest of the crap in my body. You really need to have an open ended timeframe to do this with, i didn't... or i didn't make one.

Its been a productive week and bit though, here's what i've done:
- laid some vinyl tiles in a walkway in my apt where the floor was shite
- hung a mask
- assembled and am now using ikea's stolmen
- did some research on drapes/blinds for my bay window
- watched a few movies, one of which is tampopo, a movie about the proper way to run a soup joint in japan, very cool
- did a bit of yoga, no running
- didn't eat smoke or drink... did i mention that?

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