Saturday, January 7, 2006

cleanse day 5

Woke up, almost half way there. Bodies are strange things. They have inputs they have outputs. Change the inputs, you change the outputs. Sometimes, the total number/mass of the inputs doesn't equal the mass of the outputs. When this happens over a long period of time, it takes a cleanse like this to get to the point where the mass of the inputs is less than the mass of the outputs. Matter state is different too, all 3 (no plasma) types are coming as outputs. But i egress...

I'm feeling pretty good. The key is to keep your energy up, the 2nd day was the hardest, i was slow and a little stupid. After that just drinking the mix is the key thing. You hungry? Drink. Tired? Drink. Iratable? Drink. Thats the key.

One of the main thing i've realized is that even though i love food so much and i loved it so much before (i think my previous blog posts and flickr pics are evidence enuf of this), is that i will love it SO much more after, and will take it for granted even less. Food is essential for life. It is one of, if not, our most consistent and enchanted pleasures. I'm also reading a book right now called The China Study. Its a pretty eye opening book, i'm taking it with a grain of salt, but damn are some of its results are profound. The nutshell i'm currently seeing (after reading about half of it) is that animal protein is the #1 cause of all north americans diseases of affluence, ie cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes. You eat animal protein your chances of having cancer, or activiting cancer, increase. If you eat a diverse plant based diet, you're chances of getting cancer are sigificantly reduced, practically non-existant. Their are activators aside from animal based protein, but they are basically not having a "balanced' plant based diet (ie malnutrition). Anyways, i'm really curious about food while not eating it, heres what i want the most right now:
- pho
- a dirienzo's sandwhich
- fresh pasta in tomato sauce
- miso soup
- pita and tzaziki and hommous, and tabouli
- a carrot
- nigiri sushi
- etc.
Really, any food, provided its mostly natural, i'm in for. Mmm...... o and a fresh loaf of italian bread on which to make this funky cheese and prosciutto grilled cheese sandwhich. Video directions here. (btw these videos are awesome but the chef is a big butter/cream/meat guy, look at his gut!!!).


  1. Does smoking count as part of a plant based diet? I'm fairly sure that raises your odds getting cancer too. Something like 100% of Chinese men smoke by all reports.

  2. Smoking is just another cancer causing factor, and it is independant of diet. Some of the stuff i've read did comparisons of japanese men that moved to hawaii or mainland us, and how their chance of getting heart disease or cancer greatly increased after moving and assuming the new lifestyle/diet to show that it the diet is far more important than genetics. The other note to this is that these men also smoked far more while in japan. I think we know that smoking directly increases your chance of getting all this stuff, but the book is saying diet is the #1 cause of these "diseases of affluence", inferring that smoking would be less a cause.

  3. Which seems suspect to me. I know a few people in the UK who are organic vegetarians, but smoke regularly and do coke or pills on at least a monthly basis. I can't help but feel they've bought into the hype.

    If you want to be feel better/live longer via diet, I deeply suspect cutting out the major boozing, smokes and drugs should be step #1. Avoiding super crappy junk/fast food would be #2. Avoiding arguably bad proteins and chemicals, a distance third.