Tuesday, January 3, 2006

cleanse day 1

So, i griped about a cleanse i wanted to do a while back here. Well, i'm taking it on now, and i'm not alone. Today is day one. Most of my knowledge has been learned from sites like this and this. Its the same one my buddy did, and its so far so good. I plan to learn a lot about my bowels and my body over the next 10 days or so, and i'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately i only have about 10 days to do it, i fear real life is going to occupy me next friday making next thursday most likely my last day. We'll see though, thats a long ways off.

The worst part isn't hunger so far, is just NOT EATING! I LOVE FOOD!!! Damn. I have to make due with the flavour derived from this herbal senna tea that's gonna make my loins run like wind by morning (hopefully). Tell me i'm crazy, i'll listen. I'll tell you how i feel after too, at which point we can compare notes. I'm pretty confident this will be a worthwhile and mind/body sharpening experience.

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