Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i never thought it would be this way


and i couldn't be happier.

Friday, December 22, 2006

happiness and new years bevelutions

Are there people out there that don't want to be happy? Is the desire for happiness so inherent, perhaps the only prevelant inherent thing in everyones personality? Can we be happy if we have desires? Is there a grey area? Some would argue not. I definitely believe there is. If we are just our genes, and just our propagation capabilities, then this stasis requires ambivilence, and happiness is the cattle prod to ensure we don't end it too soon. I for one, welcome happiness, and can think of no better way to spend this sentience. If it is our idea passing capabilites, then i have a lot more to learn, cause this meme business is over my happy head. Ahh, ignorance...

This has been an exciting year for me. For a lot of people. Ups, downs, stasis. I'm writing this in the back room of my place that has been gutted, had new drywall, ceiling, floors, window, etc.. Thats change for ya. And thats only on the surface, what lies beneath is much more interesting. I like that certain things i read and people i listen to reveal that everyone is exploring, all the time. I think going to new places is great, its one of the great advantages to living in an urban area. Of course, you can do this in the bush, but you have to be a lot more observant or creative. Here, there's always some bloke willing to treat you to some new speciality, sight sound or smell, something that you wouldn't find in your own backyard (if you're lucky enough to have one). I think taking advantage of this, and being happy about your discoveries, good or bad, is precious.

Back to the bevelutions. In order for me to maintain this degree of happiness for another year, i think i'll have to get my health back. It has been slowly depreciating in value as the interest rates my bodies credit pay increase (ie age). Old grey liver, ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be... actually my liver's ok, its my lungs that i think suck ass. Need to clean em up, clean em out. Perhaps cleanse time again, perhaps procrastinatory lifestyle, who knows. I'm obsiously non-commital about cleaning, i just read what i just wrote, its from the heart, and it probably means 1 less smoke a month. Shits killing me, for sure.

I believe, as pompous as this may sound, that my recent fortunes have strung from among many other things, my desire for good karma. I believe acts, even if performed in solitude, that make you a better peson, will make you a better person to others as well. Everything you do reflects on your personality. Mabye not right now, but in time, definitely. I try to do the best i can for a) myself and b) people around me. I don't want to f*ck anyone over, ever. And if i can take a burn, or a burden, or a bruise if it means someone else might have a slight decrease in suffering or pain, i'll take it. I'm a "confrontation avoider". Bring it, i'll fold. And i'll be happier for it. Boring yes, ignorant probably, happy for 2006 definitely, 2007 hopefully too. Have an uberkickass holdiay if you got one, slack if you don't, thanks for reading this far in this boring assed biatch of an infrequent rant.

Friday, December 1, 2006

ye old corktown

Who knows where corktown is/was? I just recently found out. I think its interesting, i used to live at the end of somerset st., right in the heart of old corktown, and without knowing all the facts or considered any of the various options, i urge you my fellow readers, to sign the following petition:

Yay corktown!!!!

And if any of you want to relieve me of my ignorance, it is at your service.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

recent large shows

Been out a few times recently. Saw the hold steady at zaphods:

if you wanna get a little light in the heady

Then last weekend saw his brood ness elliott brood at barrymore's:

let me hear ya!

They were both incredibly large shows. Massive in fact.

In other news, my renovation obsession is almost done. As i last updated you, the drywall is done. Unfortunately, it looks like shit, i did a pretty crap job, but the job is done. It has since been painted, and the floors are in. Now its to the moldings, frames, paint those, and then ly on the floor and bask. Then its nothing but computer games and for a few months. Ay.... well, we'll see about all that. But definitely some chillout time is in order.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

the drywall is... done

After what feels like forever, the drywall in the back room and a little bit of the corridor, is done. I just finished the final sanding run after the 3rd (or millionth) coat of mud. Phew. Doing your own drywall is REALLY time consuming. It just takes SOOOO long to mud corners, sand em down, fix skrew holes, etc.. But it is done now. I don't care if it looks like shit, but its done. I actually think its a pretty decent job, the ceiling corners aren't perfect, but most of the rest of it should be ok. Next is painting... and then finally, FINALLY, i can put the frickin floors down that have been sitting amidst the dust for months. O, and i can clean my house now, now, i have no excuse, there will be no more massive dust generation. Ahh, clean house.

I'm about to go out to a friends going away party now. He's joining the army, takes off for basic training next monday. I'm not sure what i think about it. Obviously i wish him the best. Perhaps if i hadn't of inhaled so much dust over the past 4 hours... well actually i was wearing a ventilator.

I really try to find excuses all the time don't eye? I'm tired... ahh, but soon i won't be, as this massive weight will soon be off my shoulders, and i can safely sleep in on the weekend, stay in bed, play video games, poker, etc., without a massive project looming. There i go, talking about myself again, totally self obsessed. I promise to reach outwards once my abode is under control, promise.

Friday, October 6, 2006

i'm not working as hard as i should be

So i'm watching this funny video about sex and lawyers:
Sexual Consent

I saw beruit last nite at zaphods. Very interesting, albeit incredibly childish band. Ya, it was pretty large for sure but the one kid with add kinda got on my good nerves in so much that it was almost more intesteting to watch and see what he was doing than to just listen to the music. Bah, whatever, they've got a kickass vibe, i'll probably check their cd for sure. I woulda got it there but all 8 of em were on stage so they couldn't man their merch.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006

and then i fell over

When i was in grade four i fainted for the first time. I was at school, in the evening, and we were doing some choral recital thing. I'm sure i was a lousy singer, probably hated it, but everyone had to do it. I was standing in the back row, elevated slightly. My mom was there, all the other parents too. I don't remember it too well, but i believe it was mid way through the 2nd or 3rd song when i started feeling dizzy. I didn't think too much of it, but then i distictly remember wondering if my head would reach the bookshelves to my right. When i openned my eyes my forhead hurt and i was mostly horizantal with a crowd of very concerned adults surrounding me. I didn't really know what happenned, but eventually figured it out. A good friend of mine was standing in front of me, luckily he broke my fall else i might'a broken my neck. My mom took me outside, i got some air and that was that. I had a big rug burn on my forehead.

That was the first time, but certainly not the last time i've fainted in my life. The next time wasn't long after wandering through a mall with my mom, i just passed out. I began to recoginize the warning signs after that, and could normally sit my ass down or splash some water on my face before i fell. I did some kung fu training when i was about 16 or so, in my first class i passed out. Everyone was *really* concerned there, i tried to tell them it was normal and nothing to worry about. Was it?

When i was at school in queens i spent an eve over at some friends house watching movies, having a few beers, and smoking some shite. I wasn't obliterated, but i was feeling pretty good when i left - i was probably feeling about average for bedtime given the serious daubachery that occurred during those formitive years. About 100 yards of walking later, and i was losing it. I fell to the ground in a heap on the sidewalk, and woke up a little while later, probably out for only a few seconds. I believe a couple people were hanging out near by and came by to help. I managed to drag myself up to their step and sat down. They were very nice and asked if they should call an ambulance. I said no, this is normal, and i just needed to sit for a little while. I can't blame them for not believing me, and going inside and calling an ambulance. They then stood inside the door and peered out at me until it showed up. The dudes did the light in the eye thing and asked questions. I was quite coherant by this point, and explained the possible contributing factor of recent wisdom teeth removal and continuing meds taking (ibprofen). They said ok eventually, and the dudes called a cab and that was that. That was the last time i fainted before tonite.

Just as in most cases, serious creep up occurred. I got to the tavern, drank a beer and had a smoke. Before i left my house i wolfed down some pb and banana sandwiches cause it was about the only food in the house, and didn't really eat much else all day. After the beer i was quite bloated, and didn't really feel too good. Decided to head downstairs to pee, feeling that it might gimme some space. I got to the urinal, and as soon as i started peeing, i felt massively woozy. I was like "this feels like those fainting warning signs". And i was like "no"... and then i was like "o shit". Finished peeing, luckily, and stumbled to the sink where i denied the possibility for a few more moments while i hastily washed my hands. Then as i tried to leave i was thinking "theres no way i'll make it up the stairs", and didn't as i collapsed more or less outside the door. It wasn't a total black out, but damn close. Some dude offerred witty remarks and some help as i eventually made it back into the can to splash water my face, almost pass out again, sit down for a minute or 2, then get back up, and really splash water on my face. I started to feel better after that. I chatted with the guy and i guess convinced him that i wasn't drunk or stoned, that this is normalish for me.

Went upstairs, seriously woozy but capable, and got a water at the bar. I was apparently white as a ghost, which was no surprise to me. I went outside and informed my friends of the issue, and decide to bail on the massive card action in the midst. Went to herb n spice, got some salty and sugarry foods, some fruit, and walked home without incident.

Would you be worried? Only now that i'm older and my body has represented signs of weakness do i really think its something i should consider looking in to. Mabye i will when i get my next physical, which probably won't be until something really serious is wrong... which is stupid.

Friday, September 8, 2006

bathroom speed reno

The bathroom, and my week off, are almost done. Today i finished the shower tiling, cleaned up the tub, installed the light fixture, turned the power back on. Damn 13w energy saving lights the girl convinced me to get aren't frickin bright enough!!! They were expensive too. O well.

Its been a long week, i haven't really stopped doing work since it began, and really only have about half of what i wanted to get done, done. I may not even finish tomorrow, that epoxy grout is tuff shit, and i still don't have a sink solution. Should hopefully figure that one out tomorrow. Might just use my old cabinet, cause i know it fits, and get a "vessel" and new funky faucet for the top. We'll see.

Friday, September 1, 2006

minor poker rant

I haven't ranted about poker in a while, so now is a good time. I played a tournament tonite, a rather large tournament by my standards. It was a lot of fun, but in the end i'm out 80 bux. Let me break it down for you.

It was a 40$ buyin for 4000 in chips, a 15$ add on at the hour mark for an additional 2000 in chips, and an optional at any point in the first 2 hours rebuy for 25$, for 4000 in chips. I took all available options, you do the math.

My rebuy happenned shortly before the end of the first hour, me limping with 66, 2 other players. The big blind bets about 2x the pot with a 1000 bet on a flop of 345 all spades, i'm holding the 6 of spades. I thought about it, that player could be playing a5 with the ace of spades, or possibly 2 pair. I pushed the rest in, about 5 thousand, he thinks then calls, shows 35, boats on the river and i didn't improve. Theres my rebuy. As it turns out, i was a 64% favorite on him, a 61% favorite if he had the a5.

After the first hour, i added on, and worked my stack up to about 9 G's. I made one bad play by not raising on the river with a pot i coulda one, and was out about 2000 on that pot. That was the only "bad" play i made all night.

I went out when utg raised to 1200, 3x the big blind of 400. I had pocket kings. At this point i was down to about 6000. I pushed, he called, showed 99, first card on the flop, a 9, that was all she wrote. I had 100 left, and bu by.

Its frustrating cause i played pretty well, except for that one bad play. I'll get em next time damn it, damn it, i'll get em next time. Damn cards. It was fun though.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my new favorite snack

The dip in the pic is something i'm getting very much addicted to. Click the pic and follow the link for more details... i'm in love with its semi-bland refreshing and massive room to improve characteristics.

Monday, August 28, 2006

korean food near my house - miga restaurant

A korean-japanese restaurant opened up near my place recently, called "Miga", its on bank and waverley. What can i say, i'm thrilled!!!

Had dinner there last friday. With massive expectations we went in, and with great thirst i found out their liquor license is still pending. I fretted not, got some water and their brown rice tea, it was kickass. Their menu is a lot like the only other korean place i've been to in town, that bbq place on rideau, but perhaps not as big. They've got traditionalish korean dishes, japanese noodle dishes, and all the regular sushi stuff (nigiri, rolls, etc..).

Their main korean dishes come with miso soup and korean salads, ie sesame greens, kimchi, and what seemed like incredibly canadian potato salad. The kimchi might've been from a jar, but it still rocked (if bad kimchi exists, i've never tried it). The miso soup was well, just warm and kinda tasteless... but it was the only low point of the meal, and i still gulped it all back. We also ordered a spicy tuna roll for an app which was kickass, but again, how can you go wrong??

dolsot bibmbap
So we both ordered main dishes with all the fixins i mentioned above, I ordered the dolsot bibimbap pictured here. It arrived pretty much first, ie with the apps, which they apologized for, but because of the uncooked egg and the rockin hot stone bowl in which it can be cooked by the consumer, they probably didn't want to wait. It says on the menu its veggie, but it normally comes with beef, which was confusing, but i got them to omit the beef anyways. It was kickass. I liked cooking my own eggs, and with all the veggies and some funky red spicy sauce it rocked my world. But again, if you haven't learned by now, i'm kinda easy to please with food.

After it all they gave us this iced dea that was douced with cinammon to refresh us, and holy crap did it ever. The next time i go (possibly for take out) i'll try some of the japanese noodles. And yes, i will be back. It was reasonably priced (8-13 i think for a dish) and mostly filling, although for me i'd need an app and a dish to be fully satisfied. We were quite stuffed, but still went for gelato after, which didn't jive too well, but meh, it tasted good.

Read the one review here if you like. These people are a lot harder to please than myself. Its true, the portions might be improvable, i'll have to go check soeul house for sure, just to get a better frame of reference.

violent otown??

Violence begets violence, yes, and its all so frickin stupid it almost makes me want to be violent, but i won't fall victim to useless and stupid cycles, i'd like to think i'm above all that crap.

I hope these catch this mother f*cker:

I hate seeing this crap happen in ottawa, just like that incident outside sin a few months ago. It totally disgusts me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

lope lovin

Starting to really dig the cantelope. Its probably now my 3rd favorite breakfast fruit, behind bananas and mango's, but mango's are falling given their difficulty in eating.

Notice the bowl in the pic - i got a compost!!! I had some trees come down (finally) recently, and so now i've a sunny backyard...

"First we make a compost, then we plant grass" (sung to the tune, "first we take manhattan...")

But ya, the fruit is largo - i'm on massive vitimin c rush now. Half one day, the other half the next. For 2 bux you can't get any bettter than that.

And my windows are getting replaced, starting today. Will let you know how that goeth.

Friday, August 18, 2006

more home working

breakfastI've been the worst blogger every lately. Can't really clasify myself as one. Classification blows anyways.

I ate about 2/3 of:
- 1 cup organic white flour
- 1 cup vanilla soy milk
- 1 egg (1 yolk, then 1 folded egg white)
- 1 tablespoon olive oil (ya, its organic too)
- 2 tsp of baking powder (don't know what this does)
- 1/2 tsp salt
- lots of grade a maple syrup
- some organic margerine
- banana

Banana waffles rule.

Checked out a new thai place last weekend, Sacred Garden. Its vegitarian, its on bank, ottawa south but before riverside. It was very tasty, as most ottawa thai is. The soup - the tom yum - not up to massive par, but tasty. The most striking part is everything had a frickin meat substitute "protein" in it!!! I think its ridiculous!!! Apparently there's an art or something in coming up with things that look and taste like shrimp/beef/lamb/whatever that is made from plant, i'm not a buyer of it. Plus it all has wheat in it, and some people i know can't eat that cause they're celiac. So just substitute everything for tofu!!! Ok!!!! Which is good, but why not, i dunno, massively creative veggie/fruit dishes? Try some squash, eggplant, mangos, appples, hell roasted thai chillies!!! The food was good, the service was amazying, but holy crap, your special really isn't "lamb protein" is it!!! Geez. Please correct me if you think i'm being unfair.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006


I woke up this morning round 5 with a funny feeling. It took me a few seconds to realize what it was, and when i did i was quite shocked. I felt like i was gonna puke. I had really thin saliva throughout my mouth, and my body was telling me to get to a toliet, fast. I was more in shock than anything, i didn't drink (much) the previous night, so i was like "what the fuck?".

I hit the can, but managed to hold it back, or at least it didn't come flying out. I wondered "what did i eat"? I did have a bit of sushi the night before, but i also did the night before, and the night before that... hmmm. Coulda been a bad veggie, a bad chunk of highly concentrated pesticide?

Anyways, when i woke up, it was still kinda there, but tolerable. Gone by the time i got to work. Very strange. I've never felt like i had to vomit without intoxication. Hmmm... this is probably just another one of those older things. I've noticed now that i'm "older" (ha!), every few days you experience a normally uncomfortable feeling you've *never* experienced before. Bodies are capable of a lot of feelings, hopefully i'll have a few decades more of them.

Monday, July 17, 2006

feelin hot hot hot

I gots me a ceiling fan in my kitchen. It keeps my place cool in the day, but at night it roasts. I cleaned the dirt off the top this past weekend, not as bad as i thought it would be.

It just dumped some rain down, its cooler and my trees didn't get hit by lightning, so i'm happy. When it be a hot outside, people be slow, and thirsty. I was thirsty tonite, had to get out, went to an old stomping ground for some stomping. It was nice. I stomped. A little anyways, home by 11:30. Moosehead in a bottle is good, cause it stays reasonably refreshing for its duration...

Even my writing is slow... ssssslllllooooowwwww... i should sleep now. Yes.

Btw - wilco was awsome.
tweedy diggin it

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

when i work from home i get a lot eaten

lobstersSo i worked from home today. Lobsters were made last sunday, and the carcases have been sitting in a pot on the stove since then. I was home today, so i boiled the shit out of them, adding some other brothy items (onion, celery, carrot, salt). Eventually strained, and i had this kickass fishy broth... then i roasted a tomato, some garlic, and an onion, pureedished them, then added, and there you go. Some lobsteresque whatever soup. It's pretty damn tasty. I had that round 4.

Stepping back a sec, i did have lunch too. I'm onto this silken tofu stuff for spread purposes. I had about half a block, mixed with minced pickle, tomato, shallot, and... was that it? O, and some kimchi, that stuff is awesome!!! Added a bit of rice vinager, s & p, mixed, and it works as a good filler. I had some tortilla shells, plopped it on top, rollled, consumed. Very good. Only prob is those tortilla shells are NOT good for you. 2 shells (and they were the small ones) had like 500 mg of sodium or something outragous. Hence, i took in a full days worth of sodium at lunch. And chances are, if you go to lone star, that fajita meal is enough for the day too.

vermicelli and bbqed tofu balls 1This here is what i had for dinner. Of course i was hungry by 5 (little meat == little stay fulledness) so i went to that groc store on somerset near... shit i can't remember, its the massive one whose name is a number i think? Its west of preston, just west of that city center bridge. Anyways, i got some tofu balls and veggies and stuff. And some vermicelli, the straight kind, its much better for saladish dishes. So i made that cut up some cuke, carrot, tomato, bok choyish, and got some sprouts. For the dressing i went vietai, into a little over 1/2 cup hot/warm watter dissolve 1 tbsp. sugar, add 1 tbsp. fish sauce, juice of about half a lime, and this up coming thai mixture - 4 chillis, 2 cloves garlic, a good tbsp of ginger, 2 inches of lemongrass, salt, all minced and mortle and pestles till you're bored (which isn't long enough, but who wants to work!!!). Mix it all together, and add a few tbsp. to the tofu balls, refrig the rest. Then fire up the q, and blacken the tofu balls for kicks. Once done, add vermicelli to a bowl, the tofu balls, then veggies of your choice, then drizzle with sauce. I like it, its got bite, and is very lite!!!!!

Yay for working from home!!!! But now i actually have to acomplish something... i think i'll check the updates from the wsop.

Monday, July 3, 2006

reno update

Heres a quick update (i always appreciate nudges, thanks shell!) on how my renos are going.
looking into the bedroom

I've shifted focus to the bedroom/2ndroom of the unit. This weekend was highly productive. The wall's framing is complete, its electrical (once doublechecked since i had to move the outlets out) is all done, and the ceiling is strapped, insulated, and (mostly) ready for drywall. I've finally cleared out the majority of shit from the room and its relatively clean. I'm hoping this weekend i can get some folks over to help me throw the gypsum up on the ceiling and the walls (most of the walls).

looking into the bathroom

The one wall that i won't, is the bathroom. The bathroom is tricky cause i want to do the floors, new sink, and the tub. First thing will be to throw out the old sink, decommision and move the toilet out, screw the floor (literally), and lay tile. Then grout, then probably some sealant. Then the toilet can go back in and i can pee again.... but there's gonna be some time delay in there. If i'm uberfast, i can get all that done in a long day. But it will be tough. O, i forgot, the drywall really needs to go up first, and if theres a crease behind the toilet, it should be taped and compounded first. Not to mentionthe toilet needs to be moved a few inches - i haven't figured out how i'm gonna do that yet. But it must be done!
the exterior wall

The tile has all been bought. I'm doing this dark brownish/blackish tile on the floor, dark grout. The tub will be slick white on white with a boobhigh strip of these kick ass red glass tiles. It should be quite striking, hopefully. But thats another issue - not having a shower, no doubt for a few days (epoxy grout == hard to work with), but it needs to be done. Right now the wall with the shower spout is the only remaining chunk of the old dividing wall, the water coming out of the pipe hanging on a thread. But its worked so far.

Ok, thats it. Good progress, but so much left to do. Let me do a quick run down:
- added floor joists above
- rebuilt wall between bath and bedroom
- removed and rerouted existing electrical
- removed old redundant beam
- removed ceiling, drywall and wood
- removed all drywall, wood from one wall
- removed crap flooring
- added new beam for 1 existing and one new joist
- added new framing to exterior wall
- removed many, many nails
- insulated exterior wall
- ran 2 new curcuits, 3 plugs, 2 fixtures, 3 switches
- installed bath fan
- strapped ceiling
- added some ceiling sound insulation
- sweated a lot, fretted a lot, and had a lot of smoke breaks, the best of which include ice cream

But its been fun, and its good cause soon i'll actually have made "real progress"!!! Then to pick some flooring for the little hall and bedroom. Soon, soon, soon.

And hey, thanks for reading this far!!!! I'm going to sleep now.

Friday, June 30, 2006

mango pasta salad

mango pasta saladI had nothing planned for dinner and 2 mangos in the fridge. So i used one of em to make this refreshing pasta salad:
- half a pack of farfalle (like 250g or something)
- 1 mango (and i still have one for bfast!!! coulda used both tho), cut however you can
- 1/3 green pepper, slimest chunks
- carrot, thinly sliced
- a leftover piece of corn on the cob, kernels knifed off
- a bit of tofu broken up
- 1/3 english cuke, super thin
- a bit of chopped cilantro
And the dressing:
- lemon juice +
- red wine vinager = about 1/4 or 1/3 cup, equalish portions
- bit of tamari
- s & p
- 1 tbl crushed coriander seed
- a bunch of that green tobasco (a real jalapeno woulda been better)

I mixed it all in a long shallow lasagna type dish, i figure the dressing would mix better. Then i set it in the fridge for a few minutes, had a smoke and openned a beer and sat in my hammoc. Then i couldn't wait any longer and started eating it. It was pretty good. I'm still eating it.

And tomorrow is canada day. This is good. Plus its a long weekend. This is also good. Things are good. Have a super weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

delayed report tripping

lady libertySo i got back from the trip. Over a week ago now, but the time has flown. New york was an absolute blast. 7 and half hours to get there, not too shabby. We stayed in a relatively nice hotel in manhattan. As we showed up, parked our car next door, and started walking to the door there was an apparently miscellanous new yorker outside who asked "You have reservations?" and we said ya and told her the name - she's like "nobody here by that name"... but of course, there was, just minor confusion. That was the rudest anyone was to us for the entire time we were in the city. Everyone there was super cool.

The first night we spent wandering around manhattan. Went through union square. Its this super cool hangout spot filled with young folk and all folks alike, folks playing drums and some kickass skaters. That was cool. We wandered a whole whack loads and eventually found our way into the Bleeker Street Bar (or something). It was fun, pints were had, good times. Then went off to the Peculiar Pub, it was a university crowd (apparently) but also quite cool. Not too drunk, we went back to the hotel, but not before i ate some street meat, some wikid beancurd rice things from this korean take out, and then finally a scicilian slice. Holy crap, awesome stuff.
peculier pub
The next day was straight up wandering. From our hotel (i think it was at 33nd and 2nd) southwest a bit to broadway, all the way up through times square to central park where we took a load off, and then trained down to the pierish area, checked the statue, saw wall street, and wandered back shopping, touring, seeing, and finally a quick snooze back at the pad. After which we went to meet some fellow canadians at a bar to watch game 6 of the oilers game (they won). They then took us to mcsorleys. Very cool spot. Apparently the longest continually running bar in ny, since 1854 or something (not sure about prohibition, but o well). They only serve 2 kinds of drinks. Light beer, and dark beer, a buck a piece (actually a little more, i think 24 beers was 28 bux or something). The place was dripping with charm.

Phew. The next day, hungover, we drove into brooklyn and checked diner quickly for some greesy spoonage. Not bad. Then through hasidic jew town all the way to coney island. "She's my coney island baby..." ya i kept hearing that but it wasn't playing. But the hot dogs were. And some of the ugliest people on the planet - very few attractive folks out of the 50 or so thousand people that were out on the beach, but i wasn't complaining (much). Once full and hot and flustered, off to AC!
boardwalk view
And in AC, well, I gambled and drank free but slow to be delivered beer. Mostly we only played 2/4 limit holdem, but i tried my hand at a tourny (only 22 folks) and some 1/2 NL. All was wicked fun although i lost a bunch of money - i was within budget, but still annoyed i lost. Thats me i guess. I didn't know what to do when i was raised the rest of my stack (about a hundred bux) when i had top 2 pair!!! Damn mofo coulda had pocket tens too and still destroyed me, but no, he had to have QJ!!! Damn 25 dollar preflop raise didn't help. I'll learn for next time, and will probably call all over again. O well, it was a massive blast.

AC is basically a shit hole, i'll probalby never go back unless i'm in the area. The gambling is relatively small scale, and thats about all thats there. The city is "scary", and the only place that is safe is the boardwalk, which is actually kinda nice except for the occasional really scary crack-whorish looking people walking by. I hate to generalize, but damn, some nasty nasty faces were seen. And then there was the off key singer who would tap her foot and belt out american anthem style songs only to pause every song or so to spit a massive wad of phlegm over the side of the walkway. You bet i gave her 2 bits!!

o the humanity!!!
On the way home we hit up some philly, got a cheese steak sandwhich, and toured the streets a bit. Very cool town. All low rise, lots of charm n class n love, very cool. And then we roared home slightly poorer but much richer for the cause. Good times had by all. All pics are viewable here.

There is more to tell - like that korean place in ny. The 2nd night my meal was this 5$ squid n cuke dish, so frickin spicy *I* couldn't finish it!!! I can finish anything, especially whilst intoxicated!!! I ate it at a little corner near the hotel, like 3am or something. Good times. Ahh, so many good times.

The AC deally left my wanting more... more gambling, more degeneration, more lucridiviness. I'm going to vegas, sooner than later. There's just no excuses anymore.

Friday, June 16, 2006

new york new york!!!

Well four of us are off today on a 4/5 day journey, one that will bring me, for the first time, to the first city of the world, new york city. I've never been, and never really had plans on going until a month or 2 ago a bunch of us, intoxicated no doubt, decided we should go to atlantic city to get our gamble on. Hell, if we're doing that, why not stop in for a night/day in new york? Damn straight.

Leaving in 2-minus, 2 hours. Back on tuesday. 2 nights in each city. Tomorrow i'll be strolling around the fair streets, hopefully seeing places seen so many times on seinfeld and sex in the city and various other media outlets. Originally i wasn't so excited, but now i totally am. How could i not be? I've seen and heard stories of this famous city for my whole life, never dreaming i'd have a reason to go. Now i do, and now i get to see it with mine own eyes. Many pictures will be taken, hopefully one or 2 will turn out and get posted here days five from now.

And even better, i'm off work next week!!! I'm gonna hopefully tackle massive washroom renovations, removing it all, drywall, new sink, tile, paint, etc.. I just have to hold in my crap for a few days, or eat lots of fast food to use their can. And after the binge trip i'm heading on shortly, this may not be an option... having these as my biggest decisions and tribulations, fills me with great pleasure, satisfaction, pride, and humility, i take none of this for granted, and am very grateful to be in this position... :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

thai in ottawa

So over the past couple of months, i've finally gotten off my ass and hit up some thai restaurants in my area. Heres a brief review/synopsis:

Coriander Thai (Kent St.)
Very dark and quiet decor, awesome food. First time i've had tom yum soup, and won't be the last, it was phenominal! Had the soup, and a salad and red curry dish, all tasted absolutely superb. Have since had takeout, and it wasn't nearly as good, and the portions seemed awfully small (hint, trend beginning).

Savanna Cafe (Gilmour St.)
Ok, not pure straight up thai, but pretty damn close. Only had one dinner here, a friday night job with some good wine and a desert... my meal was ok, not super kick ass, i think i had the ramen noodles with a bunch of seafood. Not nearly spicy enough, but still ok. I'll definitely go back though, the decor was nice, and its just a good spot. Service, very friendly. Portions were pretty consistent with coriander. No tom yum here, i think we had some rolls, must've been some freshish rice paper cause it was thick - and good.

Hot Peppers (Somerset & Lyon)
Finally hit this spot up. Never even went to zibbibo, which is what this place was a year and a half ago, but finally checked this one. Decor was nice, cute little wine bar upstairs, friendly and helpful staff. We did have the tom yum here, and while it wasn't quite as spicy as coriander, it was better - not by much, but it was, and it was absolutely amazing. For mains we had one of the salads and a seafood dish (i think), and neither was super kick ass, but it was pretty good. The cocunut rice was pretty good too.

Green Papaya (now on Preston)
Definitely nice decor. The place was quite busy for a sunday night, and the food took its time, but it was a nice meal. Tom yum - kinda flavourless. The food itself was good, we had the jungle curry and a shrimp salad, but man the portions were quite small. Even all the rice went with no problem. Lots of sauce with the curry which was good, but the whole meal left me wanting more. Even after the cheese cake (cheese cake isn't thai!!) i was still hungry.

All in all thai food costs way to frickin much. For a regular dish you're looking at 10+, and one dish ain't gonna cut it (for me anyways). The tom yum soups are awesome though, and hot peppers takes the cake. I think coriander has the peppiest stuff, full flavour just exploding, but the one time we had takeout it was less than desirable - these resaurants definitely have their best dishes and i'll have to figure out what those are. Unforutantely for 60+ per person its a bit of a kick in the teeth, especially for me who can go to cam kong (review pending!!!), spend 15 bux, and be ridiculously full and satisfied (and for another few get a mango slushie which is an explosion of satisfaction).

If anyone knows of any other thai restaurants i should hit up, i'm all ears - and once i figure out how to harness the flavour of the thai chile pepper from my mortar and pestle, i ain't ever going out for it again (actually i'll need to figure out what yum truly is at the bottom of my soul, then make it, and then i'll be good).

Saturday, June 10, 2006

super easy a olio

a olio
Made this before my 10k race 2 weeks ago - dang, its been 2 weeks since my dang race. Anyways, if you want a light, easy, superb pasta meal, heres whatcha need:
- de cecco fettucine, its like 3 bux for a 500g 'box', when i say box its cause it comes in spools, its the cheapest, best, dry pasta money can buy, typically at nicastro type italian grocs - below recipe uses about half a box
- 3 or 4 cloves garlic, coarsly chopped
- 3 spring onions, chopped, 2mm at the oniony part, 2 cm at the green part (for flare!!)
- a can or a bunch of oil soaked artichokes
- 15 cherry tomatos, halved
- holy crap fresh sweet basil too!!!, roughly chopped
- olive oil!
Then do this:
- fill a big pot with water, a bit o salt, start it to boil (not if you're lucky and have gas though, you could probably wait a bit)
- get your fry pan (large, or use a wok), put 2 tbl of oil in, heat it on medium
- toss in the chopped onions, saute for like 2 min
- then the garlic, in she goes
- saute for a bit, don't burn or really cook the garlic too long!
- then toss in the rest, and bring the heat down so as not to overmassively cook
- put the pasta in when ready, cook 5 min or so (it doesn't take al long to become dente)
- when its done, skoop it directly into the pan/wok, retaining some juices, but not too much
- mix up as best as can, add more oil if you want, serve immediatly with fresh parma and fresh pepper.
Yes, very tasty, my idea of a perfect meal really. This'll serve 2 for lunch, or me before a 10k race (i had a bit left, but only cause i didn't want to get over stuffed).

Friday, June 9, 2006

the pros and cons of my neighbourhood

On my way home tonite i saw something i haven't seen in a while. A pro and con of my hood. She was standing right outside the store i buy my cigs at, accross from where i do my laundry drop off, and dry cleaning. I don't think she's in either of those businesses. I had the urge to ask 'are you lost?', or 'whats going on?', but i didn't. I also had the urge to say 'get the hell outta my neighbourhood!!'. But i didn't do any of that. If she was on *my* street, i probably woulda been a bit more defensive. I remember a few years back when i lived a couple blocks away, me and my drunken friends yelling obscenities at these ladies that were trying to make an honest but perhaps unethical dime. Now, i feel like this is more of my home, and perhaps theres something i should be doing to protect it.

But then again, if she's not here, she'll be somewhere else, in someone elses neighbourhood. There must be a market after all, supply and demand and all that crap. Who's to say she isn't as much a part of my neighbourhood as i am. In fact she (or they) have been here much longer than i have. Gladstone is notorious. And she really doesn't bother me that much... its more the people she brings. The crackheads (thats what i call people that mostly bum change but occasionally bum change and are totally tweaked on something) would really piss me off if they hung out on my street, but when they're only surrounding the bars i hang out at on bank street its not such a "close to home" annoyance, and simply tolerated.

She's probably still standing there now... waiting for the con. Hopefully she has a good nite i guess. I of course would prefer her to have a sobering night, decide its time to quit, get some other income supplement, and never bait her hook in my, or anyone elses neighbourhood again. But that is wishful thinking. I remember amsterdam about 8 or 9 years ago. That was something. Girls in the windows with red lights over their heads. But even that amount of organization still concealed alleys and nooks and crannies filled with even more undesirables that didn't fit into the system. There will always be flaws, and always cracks in the system waiting to be filled if the desire is there. If humans developed their brains faster, we'd never of needed the pleasure aspect of sex to realize we needed to procreate to survive - we woulda known reproduction was the only means, and pleasure would of never been an issue. Just think of the things we could of accomplished... bah, we probably would've used our increased intellectual capacity to trick evoltion into blessing us with sex organs that gave us pleasure... damn we're smart. We live for sex, and because of sex we live on.

Monday, May 22, 2006

getting older

I realized something tonite. When you get older, you have a natural tendancy to feel people owe you respect. You (and by you, i really mean me, but i'm hoping this is a general phenomenon) become more and more sensitive to rudeness, and feel people should just act nicer to you, and give you more attention.

I attended "the islands" show tonite at babylon, which was quite an "old man" feat in itself as i was butt tired, my bones are sore, and its a long weekend which i really woulda liked to cap off with a quiet night in with food and a movie. But i went, and did enjoy. However, the lead singer came accross as an ass. Or at least i thought so. I would guess most of the early 20somthings didn't notice. When the band left the stage to go "wait" out back before their encore i was peeved as they just walked off like we weren't there. I was annoyed. I was like "c'mon, we're right frickin here!!! don't bother, this is rude, just play your silly encore, i only came to hear the swan song anyways". Then when they came back on, i affinized, and realized myself 5 years ago wouldn't of thought anything of it, and would have greeted them with more appreciation for having done so.

Blah blah, the moral is, i think i'll try to observe this tendancy towards sensitivity to what might be considered rudeness, and make mental notes on it. People aren't out to piss you off, they're just trying to build mystique if anything. And if they are, their true colours always come out in the wash. Acceptance is key, and judging never leads anywhere good, even if you're judging people you'll probably never talk to and have far to little to judge anyways.

Friday, May 19, 2006

working from home

working from home
Working from home rules. For lunch i bbq'ed some sausages and tossed some onions shrooms and garlic some dried basil and rosemary and a bunch of organic olive oil in a pan. Once the veggies were good to go in went 2 cans of too salty but good unico chopped tomatos. And some pepper and hot red peppers. Eventually the sausages were charred n juicy so they came off, and cooled, and then sliced and into the sauce which was simmer super bubbly like. O ya. Boiled some water and tossed in some whole wheat spaghetti. Once complete and all done i topped my meal with some parma. O baby. All the while i had my laptop poised in the kitchen and answered msn's and edited code wirelessly on the battery. Damn working from home rulez. Now its a long weekend and i'm feeling fine. Super kickass, time to get my framing on (tomorrow). But tonite, we drink and play cards and be merry!!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

i left my wallet on clemow ave.

So since i've been training now for this 10k i'm running in a few weeks, i've gotten quite used to running through the glebe in the evening. I just got back from a relatively eventful sprint run and thought i would share my delightful experience with y'all.

I run started like most others, slowly and with intent. However, the intent this eve was a sprint one, a 10x400m thingy where i run "as fast as i can" for 400m, 10 times. During this training i've only had to do this 2 times prior, and both times it was tuff. I had hopes of going to the track next to the school on glebe ave. near bronson. I got in, but after one lap some dude told me "if you stay in here you'll have to hop the fence to get out". This didn't seem too appealing. So i wussily left to roam the streets of the glebe and do approximated 400m.

You know whats sweet about running through the glebe in the spring in the eve? The smells. Damn, them rich glebe folk sure bbq some fine meats. I think i like the smell of meat more than the taste these days. I'd rather devour a pound of the table's avacado salad than a pound of any meats these days, a mix of veggies and spices is way more appealing than chewing thru fatty parts of a steak or having to cut through bone where you thought there shouldn't be any on a cheap cut of ribs. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy that, just not as much anymore...

I digress. From what? O ya, my run, not much happenned after that. Lots of people that walk on glebe ave just west of bank have mean looks on their faces. Everyone looks at you when you run, and i look at most people back. Some of the old dudes give me the feeling that "damn, no runners on my streets, i'm gonna raise this up at the next community council meeting that i'm on my way to right now". I'm probably just being over sensitive.

a runners half dinner
Then i got home and had a shower. Then i ate what you see beside this, the first half of my dinner (2nd half tbd). This is last nights spinach, red onion (soaked to sweeten), cuke, and grape tomato salad with a 5:1 rice vinager to olive oil dressing. Surprisingly, super kick ass!!! The milk, in bk's old lotr glasses, is so good's chocolate mixed with fat free. Its good shit too. Hot damn i'm getting old.

Thanks for reading this far, if you really did - with some local bloggers out of the country or the blogging scene altogether, there seems to be less inspirational reasons to blog, but recent comments have refeuled some fire. Or mabye thats my colon. Naw, its the comments, thanks for getting this far, and thanks to those that originally inspired me to babble endlessly to no one in particular about nothing in particular for what would seem to be no particular reason but no doubt is actually quite reasonable. Ahhhh, thats better.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

lane misuse and interior framing

I've always had a serious problem with people who misuse lanes on the queensway. When i get off at kent, i like the fourth, rightmost lane to be all mine after bronson. I'll cruise along slightly faster than the rest of the snarly traffic, and should have an unobstructed path to kent street. But you get those days, where there'll be a dozen cars all left blinky blinky holdin me up, and it pisses me off. Sure, a couple coulda been from outta town and oblivious to the signs, but most are just making use of the real estate at other, more considerate drivers expenses.

Thats not really that bad though - worse, is the westbound conjunction of the 416 to the queensway. Damn this pisses me off somethin fierce. You get slowdowns every morning, sometimes as far back as the bayshore offramp (rare), and then low and behold, a new lane develops half a click before the moodie offramp!!! "This lane must be for me to pass all these people" says annoying assholes in hummer h2's and various other scorn worthy vehicles. They cross lines and pull out at the first sight of a clear chunk of pavement, nary a shouldercheck to look for incoming legitimate mergers they will be disguising themselves as 10 seconds later. Holy crap, something fierce, i hate that. Am i right in this? Or is this survival of the fittest? I think its selfish and uncanadian, and it pisses me off.

And don't get me started on march and campeau. Holy crap. Something equally fierce.

In other news, i think i'm going to reframe my back bedroom from the inside out. Theres only a few nails holding up the second story of my house so i'm gonna add some more support from the inside. The room is gutted now, ready for 2 by 4 action. First thing though, i need to decide if i want to replace the window. Its shite. I might replace a bunch of windows. And by me, i mean someone who knows what the fuck they're doing. Cause i don't think i should mess with windows... should i??

Saturday, April 15, 2006


I just realized i haven't sat down and relaxed without anything in the backdrop to do, for a very long time. Since i got my house, which is approaching 1 year ago, there has always been something that needed to get the pump done. Always something to look into, research, figure out, decide, buy, fanagle, shim, cut, or pry out just waiting for me to find the time. Tonite after a hard day of not turning my panel off when working on it (i think i will from now on), i decided to relax the pump out tonite. I've almost forgotten how?? But i did remember, and it has been kinda nice. Except i eat far too much when i'm relaxing.

Serious electrical work has been accomplished. I know can/have done junction boxes, know that that thing that home depot *doesn't* sell to connect wires to a box is a connector, have discovered crazy circuits, not gotten zapped, and have almost completely isolated the upstairs panel from the downstairs (only two outlets left, yippee!!!). The back room is also sans drywall, power, flooring and ceiling, its all ready to be applied to. It is my playground, and hopefully it will be completed in the next few months. Ahhh, fun stuff.

In other news i'm trying to train for this 10k race coming up at the end of may. It should be ok, the "training" is hard, mostly because i haven't given my body a rest from intoxicants like i should. Its tuff, trying to enjoy and partake in my lifestyle is not condusive to removal of certain seemingly important elements for long periods of time. But in the grand scheme, another 5 or 6 weeks is by no means long, and it really should be done.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

leafing las vegas

I hope the leaves come out soon. I'm basically sitting here waiting for that to happen. I'm procrastinating about fixing stuff, just trying to work the energy up to put a shirt on and go upstairs to fix a bathroom sink cabinet thingy. I didn't install it too well considering my floors being all slanty and the bottom of the thang being all straight. Sometimes shimming just doesn't do the trick. You need to screw too.

I went to the home n garden show yesterday. It was ok, pretty much what you'd expect. Every third booth seemed to be someone selling a miracle squeegee product, or miracle "never clean your <blah> again!!!" solution (90% of the time you could substitute in the word "gutter" for "blah"). I bought some seeds. I got some black tomatos, some cantelopes, and some smoking tobacco. I've got an aquarium where fish had previously died and i don't want to see that happen again. I'm gonna plant some stuff, see what happens. It should be ok, their death shouldn't be taken so bad, and i won't constantly feel like the specimens could have a better life somewhere else (even thought that'll be the case with the plants).

I'm also in the process of tearing the shite outta my back room, ceilings are coming down, light fixtures will be installed, chimneys probably not get removed, but crazy weird beams are gonna come crashing down. I hope my house doesn't. It shouldn't, but you never know.

Other than all this everything is superb. Back to the old adage "why write in your blog when everything is peachy?".

Monday, March 20, 2006

the flaming lips

The new flaming lips album is super kick ass. Since one of my first 4 cd's i ever purchased (transmissions), they've been one of my favorite bands. The new album isn't officially out yet, but for some lucky reason i've stumbled across it and totally love it. Good work guys.

This is just an interlude, a flight of fancy, an emancipation of novelity and a gracious acceptance of change of season. All good things will come and go, and the bad things will appear as though they were never upon us. I for one am still very much happy although longing still, mostly for the unknown, but certainly for some time off, some warm weather, and some sweat to drip of my body in the heat of some home improvement task. And dough pounding, i sweat a lot when i'm pounding dough.

How do people decide to get married? Some wait long, some don't wait at all. Some have reasons, some just have a lack of reasons. To me, yes, its scary as all hell. But not as scary as it used to be. But that means little, its still pretty scary. I am so happy to see people happy, and to see people get happily married. If the world had more smiles, there would be less room for frowns, and more time for the flaming lips.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

obligatory cute animal picture

pup in pradaThis is my friends new baby. Say hi to taco grande. He's pretty cute. I'm not even a sucker for cute animals, but this one is pretty cute. Kinda useless and incredibly high maintanence, but cute.

In other news, the poker has not slowed down. Thanks to one of my friends being born 30 years ago yesterday, we convened at my house after the tavern for a gigantic ad hoc 19 person tournament. I of course, finished 2nd. It was lots of fun. Now the real question - do i toss the 30 or so empty touborg cans in the recycle bin for the folks that'll come scrounge, or do i return em? I'm pretty lazy, and o so giving, i think i'll leave em in the bin.

But wait!!! That was not the real question. The question i ask myself, is what kind of flour should i use for gnocchi tonite? I bought a flimsy potato ricer last weekend from domus. Fifteen bux compared to the stainless steel ma cuisine one. Which was, much nicer, but do i need to spend 50 bux on a stainless steel potato ricer that i might use 3 times a year?? I don't very well think so. So the flour, yes, that is the question...

And let me just say, springtime comes and leaves are back on the trees again, i know not of the snappers, but they're harder to see my friends, i will not hide from my close friends, i will live long on the weekends.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

staying in?

I once wrote a song about going out at night. About how the allure of the nighttime, the action, the uncertainty would always be too much to deny. That was about 7 or 8 years ago. I found that tonite, for a variety of reasons, i just stayed home. Its perhaps a turning point, or just a sign of the current scene, but it feels substantial. I am sick, been sick for what feels like months, and really need some rest. I could've gone out, done some good old fashion beer pounding, but i didn't. The reasons not to outweighed the reasons for doing it. And i'm happy with my decision now, and for damn sure i'll be happy with it in the morning when my head isn't pounding and its sunny and its gonna be springtime soon and life is good. The front steps when the sun is pounding are superb, i can't wait to see the ice melt slowly away and my maple start budding... but ya, i didn't go out, i didn't get wasted, and i feel happy with my decision. But i do have to say, if next week is free, i'm going out and seeing if i've been missing anything, and ya, will probably write saturday or sunday right the fuck off. And i think i'll be happy with that decision too, all things, all in their right place and time, that time just hasn't been lately, perhaps it will be next weekend.

I have been alive and doing some stuff lately, just not blog like stuff. I did make a quiche last week sometime, they're pretty easy really. And some curries. I tried eating a mango at my desk at work a few weeks ago, if they're too ripe its a little too messy to classified as work food. But damn, those pink ladies, damn. If herb n spice has the big ones, they're the bomb, nothing beets em!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

a bird named doubt

I know a bird named doubt
he can chirp and he can pout
he can mangle your thoughts
and produce nothing but naughts
at what age do you want out of his cage

you think he's the prettiest bird ever
that he makes you happy and that he is a treasure
but he always leads you away
from things that just may
make your life better not scarier just better

hes pulling back on your balls
between two bars and hes barricaded the walls
but i can clip his sad wings
and give him a swift fling
and climb mountains with no need for defenses

bank n gilmour
I never said i could write poetry, no noetry!!!! Blah!!!!! From my walk home last nite:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Holy shit... it can be ignored, put on hold in your brain, but don't let it errupt. If you're hiding it, make sure you deal with it before you let it peak out. If you think its existance is suspected, DEAL WITH IT!!!! It will be confronted, passively or not, perhaps it is you that lets it out at the WRONG time because it wants to be dealt with. But if you don't deal with it, it can erupt into cataclysmic proportions, and may have an entirely different outcome than if you were to deal with it and then confront it with the person or thing the doubt surrounds.

Maturity comes in all types shapes and colours. Some are very mature in some areas, whereas other areas are very undeveloped. Most of this has to do with experience, some is natural. Just because you naturally float through most circumstances with little experience relatively unscathed does not mean others you'll be naturally gifted at. "Work on your Red" would be the HDBI's advice, and boy could i use some of that. I'm horribly immature in dealing with some feelings, such as doubt. Why couldn't i simply confront it, and deal with it? Do i know where it comes from?... relationship? Commitment? Future? Babies? Fuck, i dunno. Was it the bolded word love printed in multiple times in the valentine card? Was it me realizing i'm not in love with Kate? Am i though? Am i not? Right now, i'm confused as fuck. But there is doubt, so what does it concern? My ability to ever love her? To ever love anyone? Do i truely believe that if i'm going to fall in love with someone i should know within 2 months? I think thats probably it... i'm not sure, i have doubts that i could... why though? Is it just that she's so relationship focused and i'm not that i find this a point of issue and hence could never love her? Thats fuckin ridiculous. A relationship builds... she had so many good points and good things to say to me tonight. Its not forever, but if you've got issues, or if you're not sure, confront them, its not fair to the other person.

Idealistic. I am. I want to know i'm gonna love or do love someone from the moment i meet her. Initially, things with kate were super and i did think that. But that started slipping i guess.... why? It really could just be fear dammnit, this is what you need to figure out, and pronto! If there is a chance, however small, you've gotta giver. But if you know its not gonna happen, then don't lead her on anymore... i'm confused now, i hopefully won't be so much in the morning. Lets think more then.

Saturday, February 4, 2006


Just because something isn't mentioned, or isn't discussed, does not mean it is insignificant. Nor is the inverse always true.

Some people thrive on insignificance, discussing what may seem mundane, trivial, or just plain boring to some. This kind of exploration can often lead to promising, significant ends. This implies significance can have insignificant roots. Much of what i discuss here (perhaps even this), is quite insignificant in and of itself. But it helps me explore my thoughts and my observations in a forum that my brain can not as easily provide.

Back to my initial assertion. Much of what goes on in my life is not discussed here. This is a forum mostly for exploration of the insignificant, in an effort to derive significance. What is already significant may not be explored here, mostly for privacy reasons, but also because my brain, and in its communication with other brains, is a better forum for their exploration, if any is necessary.

There are significant things in my life that are not discussed here. Simply because they are not discussed here means nothing of their significance. I guess thats all i wanted to say. O wait. I have some bagettes in the oven. I ran out of regular flour so the leftover dusting is being done with corn flour... we'll see how it all turns out.

O and i should also mention today was incredibly productive. Drapes were hung, plumbing was pushed, shelves were assembled, floors were cleaned (a little), aquariums were brought out of hibernation, and breakfast was eaten. Very productive. That is mostly over now, the night is here, and its time to get my play on.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

what else to say?

When life is good, is there any reason to lament? I guess about food i've made, which has been little... lets see, what are the food highlights of recent days:
- dim sum at yangtzee last weekend
- coconut drink and veggie pho at vietam noodle house... at least i think thats what its called
- dim sum indonesian style at some indonesian place in kanata. Interesting, hardboiled eggs that were a little green smothered in peanut sauce, vedy strange but good!
- so much pho
- gluten free corn pasta with jalepno's (no time to check spelling)
- spicey pickled eggplant from direnzo's
- the veggie sandwhich from direnzo's when they haven't run out of the good bread
- when you get to smoke in a popular ottawa indian restaurant when the staff wanna party and you're still there, but they don't wanna push you out
- lots of fruit, including fresh figs n dates
- hazelnuts
- wings...

ok i'm kinda petering out there, but you get the jist. Life is super, i just wish i had more time to.... i dunno. I guess i don't wish for anything but more of the same. And even that i don't think i can handle. I'm just gonna roll with it. I do wish i had been taking more pictures of food and other stuff. THat i should give'r on. THen give'r some more.

O, one unrelated thing that was good. "He died with a falafel in his hand". Very cool movie, totally my style, super kickass.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2 day old coconut shrimp rule

Thats about all i can say (recipe here, flour used was brown rice though). New jobs rule too. They're scary as fuck, but they do rule. Especially when you sit in a meeting where your director and lead dude babble for more than an hour about the feature you're doing, and most of it flys over your head. Thats fun stuff. O, and day old pizza made fresh with a gluten free crust including teff, ya thats right TEFF flour, is used. Super kick ass. I also tried some gluten free gnocchi using rice flour, very different, must try the leftovers to know for sure. More to say, but little time to type amidst stuffing my face. I guess i can say the predictions i made here are coming to fuition, and that i probably will be working 9 to 10 hours a day for a long whiles.

Friday, January 13, 2006


I often wonder, not why we're here, why we're given this opportunity, but why we are given the power to experience such happinness and such sadness. Extremes are fundamental to our existence. Some people live there lives on one end, some on the other, and some constantly fluctuate in between. I wonder if you were to take all the individuals on the planet, sum all their respective happiness/sadness scales, what you would get? Would it be in the center? On the sadness side? Happinness? Is there some global/universal quota? Perhaps me being happy means taking it away from someone else. I have to assume this is not the case, if i'm going to continue with my optimistic attitude for this new year, new life i'm loving leading.

The cleanse is done. It was a complete success, although i probably needed a few more days (not fully clean if you know what i mean). Little "easing off" took place yesterday, started with oj, then sweet pink lady apple, then some organic sweet potato soup (not mine), then veggies and salad along with some WAY too salty olives... then a banana and more soup in the aft. Dinner was succulent, tofu pho and veggies at golden turtle, holy crap, animal based broth ok, but WOW. That fried tofu they stuff in gets more flavour than any beef they could, i suppose cause of the beefy/oxxy broth, but i don't care, spectacuLAR! The night ended with an oven at 425, some walnuts and hazelnuts, and when ready, roasted chestnuts and red wine.... ok , then it ended with toblerone, lindt, and chestnuts. I really need to try/make some chocolate covered chestnuts. O baby.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

cleanse day 8

All is progressing well. I really want to eat. Shit is strange stuff, bodies are strange, i've already talked about the input/output phenom, but man, its something you really don't appreciate until you "simplify". I sit here drinking my senna tea, wishing to munch. I think it'll be nice to regain a baseline for eating, bring me back to the basics, make me really think about what i'm putting in my body. Its nice to know i've got the willpower to stop putting anything bad in for 10 days (or so)... it actually won't be the full 10 days, it has been decided to sort of end it at the middle of the 9th day. My lunch of friday is a must, and well, we'll do the flush on thursday but that'll be about it. We'll test ourselves with soups/broths, then veggies, then some pho sans meat... damn i can't wait, less than 40 hours and i'll be putting something other than water/maple syrup/lemon/lime/cayenne/herbaltea into my body.

I do recommend it tho. I think i would need to go a perhaps a while longer to clean out the rest of the crap in my body. You really need to have an open ended timeframe to do this with, i didn't... or i didn't make one.

Its been a productive week and bit though, here's what i've done:
- laid some vinyl tiles in a walkway in my apt where the floor was shite
- hung a mask
- assembled and am now using ikea's stolmen
- did some research on drapes/blinds for my bay window
- watched a few movies, one of which is tampopo, a movie about the proper way to run a soup joint in japan, very cool
- did a bit of yoga, no running
- didn't eat smoke or drink... did i mention that?

Saturday, January 7, 2006

cleanse day 5

Woke up, almost half way there. Bodies are strange things. They have inputs they have outputs. Change the inputs, you change the outputs. Sometimes, the total number/mass of the inputs doesn't equal the mass of the outputs. When this happens over a long period of time, it takes a cleanse like this to get to the point where the mass of the inputs is less than the mass of the outputs. Matter state is different too, all 3 (no plasma) types are coming as outputs. But i egress...

I'm feeling pretty good. The key is to keep your energy up, the 2nd day was the hardest, i was slow and a little stupid. After that just drinking the mix is the key thing. You hungry? Drink. Tired? Drink. Iratable? Drink. Thats the key.

One of the main thing i've realized is that even though i love food so much and i loved it so much before (i think my previous blog posts and flickr pics are evidence enuf of this), is that i will love it SO much more after, and will take it for granted even less. Food is essential for life. It is one of, if not, our most consistent and enchanted pleasures. I'm also reading a book right now called The China Study. Its a pretty eye opening book, i'm taking it with a grain of salt, but damn are some of its results are profound. The nutshell i'm currently seeing (after reading about half of it) is that animal protein is the #1 cause of all north americans diseases of affluence, ie cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes. You eat animal protein your chances of having cancer, or activiting cancer, increase. If you eat a diverse plant based diet, you're chances of getting cancer are sigificantly reduced, practically non-existant. Their are activators aside from animal based protein, but they are basically not having a "balanced' plant based diet (ie malnutrition). Anyways, i'm really curious about food while not eating it, heres what i want the most right now:
- pho
- a dirienzo's sandwhich
- fresh pasta in tomato sauce
- miso soup
- pita and tzaziki and hommous, and tabouli
- a carrot
- nigiri sushi
- etc.
Really, any food, provided its mostly natural, i'm in for. Mmm...... o and a fresh loaf of italian bread on which to make this funky cheese and prosciutto grilled cheese sandwhich. Video directions here. (btw these videos are awesome but the chef is a big butter/cream/meat guy, look at his gut!!!).

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

cleanse day 1

So, i griped about a cleanse i wanted to do a while back here. Well, i'm taking it on now, and i'm not alone. Today is day one. Most of my knowledge has been learned from sites like this and this. Its the same one my buddy did, and its so far so good. I plan to learn a lot about my bowels and my body over the next 10 days or so, and i'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately i only have about 10 days to do it, i fear real life is going to occupy me next friday making next thursday most likely my last day. We'll see though, thats a long ways off.

The worst part isn't hunger so far, is just NOT EATING! I LOVE FOOD!!! Damn. I have to make due with the flavour derived from this herbal senna tea that's gonna make my loins run like wind by morning (hopefully). Tell me i'm crazy, i'll listen. I'll tell you how i feel after too, at which point we can compare notes. I'm pretty confident this will be a worthwhile and mind/body sharpening experience.