Saturday, December 31, 2005

thank you 2005

Its been a good year. I have to say, i'm more impressed with optimism than with any other concept this year. I've realized it's the guiding lite, anything else is just a waste of time, or something that should be acknowledged needs working on. I have no room for negativity anymore. I have time for my friends, people i like, people i love, and things i enjoy. I will also make time for things i may not enjoy right now, but hold promise for the future. All else is moldy gravy, totally unworthy of contemplation.

Have you ever been told you're Joshua? You're this guy that is so like this guy that its scary, even pathetic. You look so alike, minus eye color, its scary? And words, emails and voicemails alike, all the mails, are erily similar? Very strange. Life continues to weird us all out. Thats never gonna stop, until we're old and we're saying "hef fun" with our rusty coils we try to pass off to our grandchildren as slinkys.

Yes, 2005 was a learning experience. No doubt 2006 will be busier, crazier, scarier, and more enviogorating than the last. This is because i've embraced confidence and optimism. And because things have turned my way. For all the ways things have turned i am thankful for. If i have one brutally obvious thing i need to work on is to be more selfless, and less self absorbed. I care for others, but rarely do i take part in selfless acts. Even for selfish reasons (ie, to be more selfless) i think they should be done. If i were to make a nwr it would be that. I should, make the time to help others not convinced of the benifits of optimism. Drama is so unnecessary with friends, be and let be, don't let silly preconceptions and fantasy play a part in reality, when reality is all that should be necessary. Blah blah, merry fuckin xmas, happy new year, and if you're faced with a question, the answer that best suits the "why the hell not" response, is most likely the scariest but right choice. Go for it, theres really nothing to lose.


  1. Cheers Bob. But I worry that if you don't worry about the negative stuff, how can you work to fight bad things, bad situations and bad personalities? Something has got to be bad sometimes.

  2. I'll be reactionary in those circumstances, and will look to making the situation better! I don't need to negatize my life in preparation for bad things, i'll treat those situations like i treat all others, with hope for an amicable outcome!

  3. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That motto, flawed as it may be, has got me through a lot.

    I know I spend too much time obsessing over avoiding bad outcomes, but it can drive me nuts when other people don't seem to be thinking at all, just selfishly pushing their own agenda without the slightest forethought. Going nuts over something that may never happen is bad, but so is not thinking about consequences. Unless one is truely desireless.

    I think it might be an older sibling thing. Or a being crazy thing.

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