Wednesday, December 7, 2005

note to self

If a door stop needs installing, don't wait, install now!!!

Holes that were once holes that get fixed, but then become holes again, aren't like seasons, or memories, or other things that go away and come back. They don't create a feeling of warmth, and comfort. They don't make you feel that life is worth living, and all the bad times were just a test and penance for the good times, which are the majority. O no, not at all... reoccuring holes are nothing like that.

What reoccuring holes do, is make you realize you have prioritization issues. They teach you that once a wall is damaged, it will never be the same again. Like the battered fruit that is our brain matter and conciousness, we struggle to understand our place and our surroundings, and the reoccuring hole makes us realize how little we've progressed. The reoccuring hole symbolizes all that is wrong with our society, and teaches us nothing of how to advance further.

Ok, i ramble, but DAMN IT, I'M PISSED!!!!! Now i have to try to patch it again, reputty, repaint, yada yada. I moved my bed too so i'll be staring at it every night before i go to bed. Silly, silly me.

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