Sunday, December 18, 2005

decisions decisions

almond butter extravanganza
It has been a brain-searing week. Everything is super, great, and scary as all hell. There is uncertainty in ever facet of my future, and its all been chosen by me, and i couldn't be happier. Only when greeted with a challenge, and facing it, can one truly have reason for such confidence. Bah, life is a test, its all risk, and nothing is gained without giving up at least a little bit of comfort.

Have said all that crap, looks like i'm voluntarily switching jobs to regain some spark. No more money, lots more hours, and tons more uncertainty... all for the sake of polyvalency (i did borrow this word from a friend).

All i've been doing is thinking, drinking, cooking (click on the pic to get the deets, not feeling too redundant right now), and vegging. Its been a great week. Now next week, i must start xmas shopping, in all of my *ings that i've been doing, i've also been incredibly selfish. Well duh? This is something i'll have to work on. Yes, indeed.

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  1. Polyvalency: Having more than one valence.
    Valence: The capacity of something to unite, react, or interact with something else.

    Good word. I am now a fan of it.