Friday, November 25, 2005

tinted primer?

So remember kids, before you decide a clean slate is best for your walls, you should ask them, "is there a primer you would prefer for your new look?". This, is very important. I did not ask them, and just dumped maximum hide all over em before choosing the colours. Not smart.

My new front living room decided on burnt pumpkin. One of the initiates at the depot told me it likes a tinted primer, ie another gallon of paint that has a little hint of the color in it. I didn't ask my walls, they didn't offer up the suggestion... perhaps its because my home, with all the home depot propaganda spread throughout, has not been fully converted. Nor have I.

My other 2 rooms didn't mention tinted primers either, but the initiate told me the colours i chose for those rooms liked a tinted primer too. She disapproved of my not wanting to use them there, but i took the risk. My walls are not complaining.

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