Sunday, November 20, 2005

there was frying pans in my bed when i went to it at 8am

girl on crutch drawing on wallSo i had little gathering at my house yesterday, a party if you will. It was, i think, a pretty good success. As i said, when i went to bed there were frying pans and my strainer buried underneath my sheets. I guess someones idea of a 'prank'. I appreciated it.

The night started off pretty slowly, as expected. Folks started meandering there way in round 9 or so, and in real numbers round 11. At one point you couldn't move at all on the main level, and for about 30 minutets straight i was filling pitchers of beer, emptying pitchers, and filling more. It was rare that a pitcher made it to the fridge.

All sorts of people showed up, quite a few that were an unexpected surprise. Early in the night i gave a friend of mine permission to identify where the beer was by writing on the wall. This eventually led to pretty much every wall in the downstairs getting written on. I welcomed it, and the place looks great. Of course, i am planning on dumping massive amounts of primer throughout the entire space. Otherwise, i might be a little ticked.
this makes little sense to me
A poker game started up round 2 or 3, i joined in round 5 or 6 or so. It was a good game. While i was still mingling around i heard rumour there was a bully at the table that was pissing people off. That changed as soon as i sat down, i didn't let anybody fuck around... i'm kindof a nazi at the table sometimes, and last nite was no different. I think the game ended round 8 or so, but its a little blurry. I know the sun was way up though, thats for sure.

A good mix of folks were there. An old friend from high school whom i hadn't seen in 5 or 6 years was there. Some strippers. Bartenders that work at a strip club. Artists. Degenerates. Next door neighbours. One guy from the band accross the street. Friend from work. Friends from various bars. And no police. Which was good. The one large and 2 small kegs were polished, didn't crack the 3rd small, but did crack my reserve 24... that was around 6 or so. I'm glad i bought it, otherwise the final keg probably woulda gotten cracked, and most of it would of been wasted.

I made some appetizers that were well recieved. Some cream cheese rolls, some sugary almonds, some red pepper dip, and some guacamole... the almonds were well recieved, all of them went except the ones that were spilled on the floor. Where there are quit a few of... i should probably clean those up soon. Nobody really knew what was in the red pepper dip, but most people said it was ok. Needed more definition i was told, good constructive critism for sure. The guac was ok, but needed more salt. I finished the rest off today... but i'm still hungry. I didn't make some meatballs, bacon water chestnut wraps nor the pastry thingy. Mabye i should make something now... sooo tired though. I wish my tv was still upstairs, it could use some watching.

i think you should fold

So ya, super time. I am, of course, quite ruff today, but this is to be expected. I smoked a ton of cigarettes too, all throughout the place. I lost count round 5, so i'm gonna go with 12. Thats the greatest/worst single day performance i've had since i "quit a little". O well, my throat's paying for it today. Not as much as i would have thought tho... hmmm.

So now, i have a week off work. I'm gonna paint, and do some reno's and generally take it easy. In my seratonin depleted state i'm debating tearing up the shite floor in the kitchen downstairs... its probably a LOT more work than i'm prepared for, but i might anyways. But definitely paint, thats for sure. O ya.

Now... what to do. I'm kinda bored, not tired enuf to sleep (got up round 5), hungry but lazy, and the tv's downstairs. I'm done my blogging and my photo uploading. Hmm... i don't feel like reading. Mabye take a walk? Go for a beer? Ugg... no. A walk isn't a bad idea. Then i'd have to put some more clothes on though. Why do things have to be so difficult!!!


  1. Hey Bobby,

    Good to hear you had a great time at your party. Sorry we didn't make it... well, maybe glad I didn't, considering ...

    Good luck with the renos.


  2. Frying pans? Forks? Strainers and wine bottles in the sock drawer?!


    Oh and The Ultimate Fighting was a nice touch