Saturday, November 12, 2005

mini road trip

My and my bro headed off to montreal yesterday for a much needed escape and road trip. It was planned months in advance when we decided we should get the pump out of town and see nine inch nails during their tour. We were not disappointed.
trent jumping
The show was kick ass, like really kick ass for a large venue show. Death from above and queens of the stone age openned, both were good. But nin blew the place apart... which is impressive cause the bell center is a big impersonable place.

It was a good mixed crowd, people like us and older, who were fans from the early beginnings, and new fans, young folk, who were just as appreciative. Trent played all the old fav's, did "something i can never have" which was kick ass, played burn, suck, and a bunch of stuff off the new album. All was well recieved, that guy can still perform super amazingly. I'd go see him again in a heartbeat.

I was up earlier than the rest this morn so took the opportunity to tour around town, as i've never really done that before. I really should head to montreal more often considering how close it is. Its got lots to offer, lots to see, and lots to learn from. Most of which, i've no clue about but i'm sure i'd learn bits and pieces with regularily scheduled visits.

Ok thats it for now. My cousins coming over to show me how to use this epoxy grout stuff. Luck be with me please!!!!

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