Saturday, November 5, 2005

if i could, i'd get lost tonite

joel and dad
Saw joel plaskett and pa perform at capital music hall. His pa being there was definitely a welcome surprise. Pegged from the beginning, his father ripped and tore the plaskettesque guitar solos throughout most of joel's 10 or so numbers. I don't know why, but i think joel is amazing now, so original, he seems to carry this impression that if nobody was in the crowd he'd be performing the exact same way. The guy loves music, loves playing his music, and while i'm sure he adores the attention, that ain't why he does it. And wholly crap, he just keeps getting skinnier.

What else... katheleen edwards was the headliner. I didn't stay for all that. I was with 2 friends so they were cool, i just had to get outta the tight quarters, the beer-getting-and-washroom-going-unfriendly surroundings. Damn i hate capital music hall for that. Unless you're next to the bar or can, its kinda unpleasant. You have to cop eight or nine feels unintentiallly just to get outta the place. Its horribly laid out, and if 900 is capacity, its too much. Great for a rock show though, but this wadn't no rock show. Ie i saw ministry there, and motorhead, and for both, it was perfect as you get a 100% greater people density towards the stage because of all the well intentioned pushing and shoving.

The rest of my nite was of course super. Fox for drinks with locals, then with girls... i was playing darts, eyeing friends on the pool table, and deking into and out of the main bar waiting for them. The folks on the pool table were like "stop acting like you've got something better to do". And then 2 girls arrived. And then all that was answered. Aloha later, hello goodbye, good luck mr. chavez, andre the giant has a posse, and i don't feel too good today. But i must tile. And tile i will.

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