Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the bathroom is done (mostly)

bathroom renovation 1

So the bathroom is done. Phew. The tile is done, the epoxy grout is on, the botches are painted over. I missed one chunk of grout between a couple key tiles and i'm pissed. I had to use 4 tubs of epoxy grout at 25 bux a piece, and possibly might need to get one more just to fix this little issue... i'm sure i can find a cheaper/smaller replacement.

bathroom renovation 3

I guess i'm pleased with the results. I had to fix my toilet hose as it managed to develop a leak during the big toilet move. I also replaced the toilet seat with one thats a little better suited to the slope of the floor, now when unfamiliar guys go in to pee you don't hear a SLAM 5 seconds after.

I'm a little skeptical about how i refasten the counter... it just had two massive screws on either side. I put those in, but one of em stripped and its replacement is a pinch smaller. Now leaning in and around the counter produces a creaking sound i normally associate with nails... hmmm. It may not last. That and the front of it was and is an inch or two off the ground. I need to shim it better.

bathroom renovation 4

Thats it i guess. Ya, i'm pleased with it all, i'm looking forward to my next tiling project, perhaps some of the floor downstairs. Now i'm occupied with weekend shindig preparation. I'm finally getting around to having a housewarming, full duplex party. Then i'm off work next week. Life is hectic right now but its about to settle into a nice bout of debauchery, music, sleeping in, and painting. Oh ya.

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