Tuesday, November 1, 2005

all mine

My house, for the next month, is all mine. My tenants left yesterday, and both downtroden floors are mine!!! The main level though, is fraught with issues. I'm going to be a busy camper... lets see, where to begin:
- plaster seems to be falling off the walls in spots
- holes in floor of main living room
- possible mold behind paint in back bedroom
- grody but functional bathroom
- light switches in the weirdest of places
- no shoe molding anywhere - in the front bedroom i may need 2 inch mouldings to cover massive gaps
- practically missing walls behind fridge n stove
- all the floors are really gross
- the fridge is loud
- random water drain pipe sticking up 2 feet above the floor in strange place
- strange smell, could be mildew, could be dog, airing it out tonite and put the dehumidifier on
- all the windows are shite (but i knew that)
- all outlets are at crotch height
- yadayada...

I really shoulda known all this, but i didn't do a thorough inspection of that unit when i purchased it. O well, serves me right, and i wouldn't of done anything differently. I'm just a little overwhelmed now. I've got 3 weeks to get my pad in shape for moving, have a party, then paint and get downstairs in shape for me to live there. And i'm tired already... but excited!!! But tired... o ya.

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