Wednesday, November 9, 2005

alexander the grout

So i've been tiling manically all week. Started laying actual tiles on sunday, my cousin came over on monday to help out, and finished off the shower today. Phew. I grouted the first half too so i can replace my toilet and pee upstairs when i put it back, hopefully tomorrow... phew, i'm tired. I'll post some pics when all is said and done. It looks pretty good at first glance, just don't get close, don't touch it, and don't pour water on it. My cousin tells me i should use epoxy grout round the shower as regular grout just won't last... i tend to believe him. We'll see what actually happens. Epoxy grout is a lot more expensive and a bitch to apply so hopefully he'll help me. Thats it. Yes, pics next post for sure.


  1. I think you should believe your cousin. I was watching a Jeopardy like quiz show on HGTV just the other day and they asked "in a shower you what type of grout should you use (a) cement or (b) epoxy" and "epoxy" was the answer.

    p.s. Way to raise your share value on the marriage market, Bob!

  2. Yes, epoxy grout is the way to go. I think we're gonna get it done this weekend. Never trust rona/hd man when they say "o ya, seal the grout and you'll be fine"... it only guarantees another visit in a year or two.

    Btw, I only play the marriage futures market, no current marriage exchange will list me. I guess they figure i'm a bad investment. Perhaps this grout will make some investors take notice... HA!

  3. From what I hear, today's investors are looking for a mould-free environment, and that's what you'll be giving them with that epoxy grout!