Tuesday, November 29, 2005

heed fastingly

A friend of mine is fasting for 12 days. Nothing but water, maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne for 12 days. I think my body is in need of a cleansing, and it could also use the break from all the unhealthy crap i'm feeding it. As well, i'd do more yoga (read - some yoga), and wouldn't need an excuse to not run. I don't like the idea of not eating for 12 (i might just do 10) days, but what the hell. I could then regain focus and plan the coming winter, holidays, reno's, lustations, etc.. Speaking of which, i appreciate jessrawks comment, and i totally agree. Whilst i believe it, unfortunately, i've never initially had reciprocation based lust/infatuation ever!!! Bah, its gotta start somewhere i guess, what better place than here, what better time than now. Ooopps, sorry chemario, my lyricist/marketeer are the same person.

Monday, November 28, 2005

painted busy household

So the painting, at least what is currently necessary, is done. The front, the burnt pumpkin, worked out super kickassedly. My bedroom, while bright orangy/yellow del sol, is good. The bathroom, smurf blue, is ok. Its all still quite ghetto, but looking less n less every day i'm here. Which, officially, this is my first full one. So i'm in good shape. Stuff is everywhere waiting for shelves to be built, and organization to occur, but it will, all in good time. I can't wait to rip the crap out of the floors and see whats going on underneath... can't sand till the spring, but at least i could make an inch or two of head room and walk on 4$ ghetto runner rugs from crappy tire for the winter.

In other news, what do people think of purely physical infatuation? When you see something or somebody that you just have a total desire for, but for little reason other than physical traits and mannerisms? The little dialogue that has taken place has been well scripted and predictable and little judge to base any real feelings on... is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is this feromonal, or is it fantasy? Worthy of consideration or best left to dream about? Is there any way to bridge the gap when the scripted dialogue is at least set in clay... that clay's pretty hard too. Straying from the script might arouse suspicion from the director... but i suppose the worst case is you'll be thrown out of the play, and your reputation, albeit in a smallish circle, will be forever tarnished. But i guess your resume will still expand. I'm willing to learn the hard way either way, but if anyone has opinions, let me know, i'll let you know what the director does if i do anything diddly in the decending dreary days.

Friday, November 25, 2005

tinted primer?

So remember kids, before you decide a clean slate is best for your walls, you should ask them, "is there a primer you would prefer for your new look?". This, is very important. I did not ask them, and just dumped maximum hide all over em before choosing the colours. Not smart.

My new front living room decided on burnt pumpkin. One of the initiates at the depot told me it likes a tinted primer, ie another gallon of paint that has a little hint of the color in it. I didn't ask my walls, they didn't offer up the suggestion... perhaps its because my home, with all the home depot propaganda spread throughout, has not been fully converted. Nor have I.

My other 2 rooms didn't mention tinted primers either, but the initiate told me the colours i chose for those rooms liked a tinted primer too. She disapproved of my not wanting to use them there, but i took the risk. My walls are not complaining.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

there was frying pans in my bed when i went to it at 8am

girl on crutch drawing on wallSo i had little gathering at my house yesterday, a party if you will. It was, i think, a pretty good success. As i said, when i went to bed there were frying pans and my strainer buried underneath my sheets. I guess someones idea of a 'prank'. I appreciated it.

The night started off pretty slowly, as expected. Folks started meandering there way in round 9 or so, and in real numbers round 11. At one point you couldn't move at all on the main level, and for about 30 minutets straight i was filling pitchers of beer, emptying pitchers, and filling more. It was rare that a pitcher made it to the fridge.

All sorts of people showed up, quite a few that were an unexpected surprise. Early in the night i gave a friend of mine permission to identify where the beer was by writing on the wall. This eventually led to pretty much every wall in the downstairs getting written on. I welcomed it, and the place looks great. Of course, i am planning on dumping massive amounts of primer throughout the entire space. Otherwise, i might be a little ticked.
this makes little sense to me
A poker game started up round 2 or 3, i joined in round 5 or 6 or so. It was a good game. While i was still mingling around i heard rumour there was a bully at the table that was pissing people off. That changed as soon as i sat down, i didn't let anybody fuck around... i'm kindof a nazi at the table sometimes, and last nite was no different. I think the game ended round 8 or so, but its a little blurry. I know the sun was way up though, thats for sure.

A good mix of folks were there. An old friend from high school whom i hadn't seen in 5 or 6 years was there. Some strippers. Bartenders that work at a strip club. Artists. Degenerates. Next door neighbours. One guy from the band accross the street. Friend from work. Friends from various bars. And no police. Which was good. The one large and 2 small kegs were polished, didn't crack the 3rd small, but did crack my reserve 24... that was around 6 or so. I'm glad i bought it, otherwise the final keg probably woulda gotten cracked, and most of it would of been wasted.

I made some appetizers that were well recieved. Some cream cheese rolls, some sugary almonds, some red pepper dip, and some guacamole... the almonds were well recieved, all of them went except the ones that were spilled on the floor. Where there are quit a few of... i should probably clean those up soon. Nobody really knew what was in the red pepper dip, but most people said it was ok. Needed more definition i was told, good constructive critism for sure. The guac was ok, but needed more salt. I finished the rest off today... but i'm still hungry. I didn't make some meatballs, bacon water chestnut wraps nor the pastry thingy. Mabye i should make something now... sooo tired though. I wish my tv was still upstairs, it could use some watching.

i think you should fold

So ya, super time. I am, of course, quite ruff today, but this is to be expected. I smoked a ton of cigarettes too, all throughout the place. I lost count round 5, so i'm gonna go with 12. Thats the greatest/worst single day performance i've had since i "quit a little". O well, my throat's paying for it today. Not as much as i would have thought tho... hmmm.

So now, i have a week off work. I'm gonna paint, and do some reno's and generally take it easy. In my seratonin depleted state i'm debating tearing up the shite floor in the kitchen downstairs... its probably a LOT more work than i'm prepared for, but i might anyways. But definitely paint, thats for sure. O ya.

Now... what to do. I'm kinda bored, not tired enuf to sleep (got up round 5), hungry but lazy, and the tv's downstairs. I'm done my blogging and my photo uploading. Hmm... i don't feel like reading. Mabye take a walk? Go for a beer? Ugg... no. A walk isn't a bad idea. Then i'd have to put some more clothes on though. Why do things have to be so difficult!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Question #1: Did you ever fight for anything?
Did you ever go after something you wanted, something you wanted so bad you could smell it? Something you dreamt about, something you saw and felt all the time but didn't have?
How about passing up on something because of something you could fight for, but probably won't?
I think its time to fight for something.
For no reason other than the fact you don't have an obvious answer to question #1.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the bathroom is done (mostly)

bathroom renovation 1

So the bathroom is done. Phew. The tile is done, the epoxy grout is on, the botches are painted over. I missed one chunk of grout between a couple key tiles and i'm pissed. I had to use 4 tubs of epoxy grout at 25 bux a piece, and possibly might need to get one more just to fix this little issue... i'm sure i can find a cheaper/smaller replacement.

bathroom renovation 3

I guess i'm pleased with the results. I had to fix my toilet hose as it managed to develop a leak during the big toilet move. I also replaced the toilet seat with one thats a little better suited to the slope of the floor, now when unfamiliar guys go in to pee you don't hear a SLAM 5 seconds after.

I'm a little skeptical about how i refasten the counter... it just had two massive screws on either side. I put those in, but one of em stripped and its replacement is a pinch smaller. Now leaning in and around the counter produces a creaking sound i normally associate with nails... hmmm. It may not last. That and the front of it was and is an inch or two off the ground. I need to shim it better.

bathroom renovation 4

Thats it i guess. Ya, i'm pleased with it all, i'm looking forward to my next tiling project, perhaps some of the floor downstairs. Now i'm occupied with weekend shindig preparation. I'm finally getting around to having a housewarming, full duplex party. Then i'm off work next week. Life is hectic right now but its about to settle into a nice bout of debauchery, music, sleeping in, and painting. Oh ya.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

mini road trip

My and my bro headed off to montreal yesterday for a much needed escape and road trip. It was planned months in advance when we decided we should get the pump out of town and see nine inch nails during their tour. We were not disappointed.
trent jumping
The show was kick ass, like really kick ass for a large venue show. Death from above and queens of the stone age openned, both were good. But nin blew the place apart... which is impressive cause the bell center is a big impersonable place.

It was a good mixed crowd, people like us and older, who were fans from the early beginnings, and new fans, young folk, who were just as appreciative. Trent played all the old fav's, did "something i can never have" which was kick ass, played burn, suck, and a bunch of stuff off the new album. All was well recieved, that guy can still perform super amazingly. I'd go see him again in a heartbeat.

I was up earlier than the rest this morn so took the opportunity to tour around town, as i've never really done that before. I really should head to montreal more often considering how close it is. Its got lots to offer, lots to see, and lots to learn from. Most of which, i've no clue about but i'm sure i'd learn bits and pieces with regularily scheduled visits.

Ok thats it for now. My cousins coming over to show me how to use this epoxy grout stuff. Luck be with me please!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

alexander the grout

So i've been tiling manically all week. Started laying actual tiles on sunday, my cousin came over on monday to help out, and finished off the shower today. Phew. I grouted the first half too so i can replace my toilet and pee upstairs when i put it back, hopefully tomorrow... phew, i'm tired. I'll post some pics when all is said and done. It looks pretty good at first glance, just don't get close, don't touch it, and don't pour water on it. My cousin tells me i should use epoxy grout round the shower as regular grout just won't last... i tend to believe him. We'll see what actually happens. Epoxy grout is a lot more expensive and a bitch to apply so hopefully he'll help me. Thats it. Yes, pics next post for sure.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

ging can sing

crispy beef
Today was a day of recovery, home renovation, and mystery chinese food. It took well over 5 minues to order a 16, a 25, and a 63 from ging sing restaurant in ottawa. Never eaten there, but its the only chinese flyer in the house. I thought, what the hell. #63 is szechwan style crispy beef. Half their menu has red items with a star, but nowhere does it explain what it means. #63 is red with a star. This beef is basically like beef chips. They taste like kfc too, definitely have one of the kernels secret indredients in em. I don't know what to think about them, but i'm munching on them right now.

Thats all i've to say i guess. I'm being totally lame tonite, its 11:30 on a saturday and i'm still at home with no intentions of going out. My washroom is out of commission thanks to tiling, so i have to go downstairs and outside to pee/poo. Thats kindof a bummer. I need to make a home depot trip in a big bad way. Responsibility speeds me.

Ok, i just ate the last beef chip. Uggg... i don't think i'll get those again, but who knows, i could see myself jonezing for them at some point in the future.

if i could, i'd get lost tonite

joel and dad
Saw joel plaskett and pa perform at capital music hall. His pa being there was definitely a welcome surprise. Pegged from the beginning, his father ripped and tore the plaskettesque guitar solos throughout most of joel's 10 or so numbers. I don't know why, but i think joel is amazing now, so original, he seems to carry this impression that if nobody was in the crowd he'd be performing the exact same way. The guy loves music, loves playing his music, and while i'm sure he adores the attention, that ain't why he does it. And wholly crap, he just keeps getting skinnier.

What else... katheleen edwards was the headliner. I didn't stay for all that. I was with 2 friends so they were cool, i just had to get outta the tight quarters, the beer-getting-and-washroom-going-unfriendly surroundings. Damn i hate capital music hall for that. Unless you're next to the bar or can, its kinda unpleasant. You have to cop eight or nine feels unintentiallly just to get outta the place. Its horribly laid out, and if 900 is capacity, its too much. Great for a rock show though, but this wadn't no rock show. Ie i saw ministry there, and motorhead, and for both, it was perfect as you get a 100% greater people density towards the stage because of all the well intentioned pushing and shoving.

The rest of my nite was of course super. Fox for drinks with locals, then with girls... i was playing darts, eyeing friends on the pool table, and deking into and out of the main bar waiting for them. The folks on the pool table were like "stop acting like you've got something better to do". And then 2 girls arrived. And then all that was answered. Aloha later, hello goodbye, good luck mr. chavez, andre the giant has a posse, and i don't feel too good today. But i must tile. And tile i will.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

my maple

my tree
This is my maple tree. It sits on my front lawn. I've been watching it patiently for weeks waiting for its green leaves to turn some sorta different color. I woke up yesterday to this... whoa. I'm very happy for this, this bright vibrant, happy changing tree.

Minor work has begun downstairs. I did some floor mopping, some drainage pipe mapping, paint peeling, and smell searching tonite. I can't figure out this smell. At first glance it seems like its just must coming from the basement. But then i spend 5 min in the basement and come up and there it is again, in the kichen. Its definitely in the kitchen, i'm hoping it was residual dog pee on the floor and the mopping will ease it. I'm skeptical. It could be sewer gas coming from the sink, but i don't think so, its not that nasty nor localized... hmmm. The only thing i thought was the floor, so i'll have to wait and see. Any suggestions??

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

all mine

My house, for the next month, is all mine. My tenants left yesterday, and both downtroden floors are mine!!! The main level though, is fraught with issues. I'm going to be a busy camper... lets see, where to begin:
- plaster seems to be falling off the walls in spots
- holes in floor of main living room
- possible mold behind paint in back bedroom
- grody but functional bathroom
- light switches in the weirdest of places
- no shoe molding anywhere - in the front bedroom i may need 2 inch mouldings to cover massive gaps
- practically missing walls behind fridge n stove
- all the floors are really gross
- the fridge is loud
- random water drain pipe sticking up 2 feet above the floor in strange place
- strange smell, could be mildew, could be dog, airing it out tonite and put the dehumidifier on
- all the windows are shite (but i knew that)
- all outlets are at crotch height
- yadayada...

I really shoulda known all this, but i didn't do a thorough inspection of that unit when i purchased it. O well, serves me right, and i wouldn't of done anything differently. I'm just a little overwhelmed now. I've got 3 weeks to get my pad in shape for moving, have a party, then paint and get downstairs in shape for me to live there. And i'm tired already... but excited!!! But tired... o ya.