Thursday, October 6, 2005

woeful wood

So apparently i'm gonna be getting bills from bell and possibly rogers for disconnect/reconnect charges that the tree caused. As well, the tree is apparently going to collapse any time which will destroy the fence at the back of the house that belongs to the business back there.

My insurance company tells me it doesn't cover wind damage to trees, and unless damage has been done to property, theres nothing for them to do. Even if there was, i've got a 1K deductable... i've been told by one knowledgable folk, ya, a crane will be necessary. Will all this cost more than a grand? Probably... we'll wait and see. Ahh home ownership. Ugg.

In the meantime i'm making some pita bread. Anna Karenina the movie is on tv... i watched the first bit, then recalled an earlier conversation, and my half assed half read of it in high school, and decided it best to read it.

I've never watched anything rise. The dough isn't really rising, sorta just bulging out the sides. The waist or the hips of the dough not being like i'd imagined, but i'm eager to bake it anyways.


  1. Sorry to hear about all the problems related to the tree. How did the pita bread turn out? What did you think of the adaptation? I guess I'll have to rent it.

  2. The bread was warm and tasty, but certainly needs a lot of work. It didn't rise too much and was a little chewy.

    The adaptation? I only watched the first 15 min or so, it captured some mood that i recalled, but that was about it... the whole story is a little foggy for me, but it did inspire me to pick up the book again (once i'm done all the other crap i'm trying to read).

    And the tree. Ahh the tree. Someone's coming tomorrow morning to 'remove' it. I have little faith it's going to be a smooth process.