Monday, October 10, 2005


Its been a busy, tiring, turkey filled weekend. Friday, was a large scaled card game, followed by late beers at a favorite local. Saturday, of course, was early morning tree removal followed by a friendsgiving turkey dinner, followed by more late beers with some westerners and high energy people - i had little energy, but managed to stay up late and have a blast. Yesterday, was chill. A quick painful run (out of practice), then family thanksgiving dinner, which was terrific and followed by... wait for it... more cards at my friends house. Once the 8th and 9th people showed up at 12:30, i decided to cut it off there and came home feeling fine.

Today... is a day of relax. I've gota turkey carcass from saturday, and even if i don't do much with the broth, my place'll smell like turkey all day. I think it'll be a cooking/baking/cleaning/musical day, i'll get some physical and mental rest. I was shunned yesterday with the "nothings open today". Whatever, herbnspice was open, i gots my flour, i'm good to go. Its gonna be fun.

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