Sunday, October 2, 2005

super sunday

Had a great day. Up early, thanks to not going out last nite. Went out with a friend for parliment hill runner for a cause scouting, saw some cats, ate some food, watched a bridge move for a boat, wandered, bought some veggies, took some photos, all around super. Had a wicked awsome skate session at some school off percy near laurier, new pavement, great curb, kick ass. Played poker, got my ass kicked hard... final hand, my ak against a9, on the river, 9, doink!! This table does not treat me well, but it was fun. Skated home, also quite cool. Not sure what else to say, it was a splendid super day.

Check this site out:
I had no idea all these pics were online... see below. Searching for streets is the best, i did another search that yeilded a bank at bank and gladstone (i guess perhaps it's name origin) with a whole bunch of pics. Ottawa had a lot of grass back then.
elgin & mclaren 1892
This is bank and mclaren, 1892. Wow. Think the people living there ever would've thought some dude like me would drink excessively on that soil a few times a week over a hundred years later??

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