Saturday, October 22, 2005

no saterplay

I've got lots to do this weekend, and most of it to be done today. Luckily most of it will be fun and rewarding... stuff like painting one of my hot water rads, o ya. Oh that reminds me, i should shut it off... yep, its a whole action packed day round my household. I might even get to fix a storm window whose prong has recently broken off. Oh ya. But in seriousness, i got nothin else to do except be lazy, so this suits me fine.

It was long week that is now over, which is good, but i'm faced with an even longer weekend. I'm not complaining, but whoa, i am a little overwhelmed. For the moment, its pre-noon on saturday, and i think i'll drink some coffee and surf the internet, mabye get a thing or two done.

By the way, broken social scene on thursday was kickass, but was there any doubt. Feist was there and did half the numbers. They've got this other new girl too who was angelic in presentation. Ya, it was a good time, although capital when sold out for non rock shows kinda blows. Its bss so theres no tuff guys which is good, you get that "o sorry man", and "can you just toss this beer on the bar for me? thanks man" kindof cheerful guy banter. I guess the girls are fine too, but they just squeeze in wherever they want with no (and rightfully) fear of recourse. I'm just getting old i guess.
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