Saturday, October 8, 2005

no more tree

fallen tree
"The tree is gone nananana nananana NANA" (sung to the tune of "the heat is on").

So the dudes came, and took care of business this morning. Over all i am quite pleased with the results, and am glad to have this nasty tree business done with. It took about 2 and half hours, no wires were broken or damage caused, they cleaned everything up, took care of another precarious limb, and told me to ensure i cover the exposed stump with some goo from canadian tire to ensure bugs to get in and kill the rest of it.

I had the option to pay the tax, which i did, as i'm probably gonna save more on this by writing it off.trimmingall done!

All in all, i'd call these dudes again for sure. I'm pretty sure their insurance on these jobs is quite high, and while on the surface you'd think i got fleeced as any bozo that could work a chainsaw could do it, experience matters, and these dudes had it.

So now it's 11am, i'm up, its saturday, basically... i'm wide awake, its morning!!!!!! I'm gonna make some bread, do some house stuff, eat turkey, and enjoy my limb filled day thinking about how to get rid of the brush... mabye i'll post it on the freecycle site, who knows, someone may want it.

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