Friday, October 28, 2005

nerestin ightn

As usual, the night started off less than spectacular, but different. Dinner for a friends birthday. I realized i needed to leave the fox round 12:30 when that spark of emotion cleaned my insides when i got the brush off for a game lost. Not sure why i'm sensitive about that, but i am. I need to grow a bit to be able to take a loss, and a little rub in, in stride.

Regardless, all got much better after that. When you're hugging 2 beautiful girls within 2 minutes of walking into your fav friday night hangout, things are going spectacularily well and you'd be more than happy to end the night just like that. But for me there was more in store. Not a lot, but some stuff... 3 ladies, one whom introduced herself as more of a puma than a cougar, solicited ME for conversation/answers/whatever. Wow. This so rarely happens, but really needs to more often. I'm a shy dude but for the number of times i've initiated contact, only a tenth of the time has it happenned to me. Anyways, kate, lasha, and brenda, all had guesses throughout the night as to my age, best bests were 23 or 27. The little tap tap on my shoulder at 2:15 always feels good, when it comes from an older woman feigning interest makes the whole week complete. Ahhh.... anyways a good laugh was had, and they made my night.

I also handed out a few flyers for a party that will happen at a house that i live in 3 weeks. I missed a few folks, but theres always the next 2 fridays.

And now, its too late to think, but check this costume out, magnifique!!!! The girl on the left is very hot in a semi-nasty way, could be the lipstick, but i love the lipstick... hmmmm. Ya, i guess i do love the lipstick. Not sure why that is, but its hot.
hunter s. thompson on halloween


  1. As your attorney, I can advise you that she is hot.

  2. hmm....kate, lasha and brenda? this almost sounds like half of the polytones....

    i heart the aloha. such an indie-rock who's who kind of club.