Tuesday, October 25, 2005

mid week blahhh

Not much going on here. Biding my time till other stuff comes up like:
- halloween comes and i either do something fun and exciting or i dress up in my own skin
- my tenants move out, should be on sunday
- do a bunch of reno's
- have my whole house party next month
- roast leftover tomatos

I did forget to mention that i did try out the sweet potato recipe again. And... well... i just don't think sweet potatos are well suited for gnocchi, i think they've too much gluten or something, they were way to constricted, didn't roll well, and still had a too firm texture. Taste was ok, but texture was over the top, even with ap flour. I think i'll go back and try the original gnocchi again with russet's or yukon golds just to make sure i'm not crazy.

What else... my computers in the shop again. I'm not convinced anymore that it is a hardware problem, but i've gotta try. The dude thats doing the testing is pretty bright, very geek like, and seems genuinely committed to finding the problem, whether it's his or not. This is good. The bad news is they moved into a location next to kfc on merivale and i have to smell it and be tempted by it everytime i go. Whats the deal with fast food smells? So overpowering, so gross, yet so tempting... mmm big crunch. I haven't had a big crunch in 5 years and i still think i love them. Probably cause they taste awesome, but is it really food??? Is it? I don't know anymore. Theres this pro fat/cholesterol dude out there that seems to have some interesting opinions. I don't know what to make of it but one thing did ring a bell - when i eat food, which is normally lo in protein and high in carbs, i get tired. A big plate of veggie pasta? Tired. O ya. Might have some correlation, i always thought you were supposed to feel tired after food... perhaps not.

Ok thats it. Now what to do with the rest of my night with no windows xp? Linux poker? Naww... i think i'll eat some food and play my guitar. Theres this contest where dude's like Tom Waits are judging for the best songwriting/song. I might enter if i can ever get around to recording something i like. Of course i have no processing capability here, but lo tech is good right? One of these days i'll get an mbox and start my rockstar career, but that day has yet to arrive.

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