Monday, October 10, 2005


rollsSo i stayed in today. Cooked, cleaned (a bit), listened to tunez, played some tunez, screwed up what i was trying to bake, did some laundry, watched tv, computerized, and drank some wine. I tried baking some rolls - i screwed up the first batch, cause while i did the preferment step, i forgot to add it!! Then i said "flours cheap, lets just do another load and see which tastes better" (i talk to myself all the time, so i really did say that)... i'm pretty sure the preferment load does taste better, but for the 4+ hours of prep, its definitely a skippable step! I gotta figure out how to get a thinner crust too, mine were thick. And not smooth at all. But pretty tasty, warm bread is always tasty.

I did do up the turkey broth too. Made a turkey gumbo with massive cajun spices, shrimp from the freezer, beans, golden beets (what the hell are those anyways!), and a whole wack load of other stuff. Damn kickin cayenne action knocked me in my ass, but is dang satisfying! Tons leftover, lunch and dinner for the week, woohoo!!!

Do you think i'm cooking and enjoying cooking to escape from something else? In retrospect, this is a good possiblity... on 2nd thought I'm going to ignore that moment of insight in favour of putting the leftovers away and having another glass of wine.


  1. Do you realize that you telling me about your blog and then looking at all that food is doing to me???? HMMMM.... Pizza... actually, anything other than chinese food right now would be nice.

  2. HA! Sorry Tracy - you should take some pictures of some bizarro chinese meals then and send em to me for me to drool over!!