Friday, October 14, 2005

in the beginning, there was nothing

And then, we were. Now, its normal that we walk around with two arms, a head, two legs. This is who and what we are, as humans. There is nothing all that different, we are what we are. Thinking as a mind, as a conciousness, its rather absurd, we look incredibly comical. But after so long, and having all this in common with all around us, how could we spend time analyzing our absurb composition?

I wonder if we were smaller, perhaps a tenth or so the size, would things taste as good? Assume we were composed in a very similar manner, but our toungues would be one tenth the size, one tenth the molecules, and perhaps, one tenth the taste power. Food would (or perhaps not) be all the same size, but our smaller tounges would not have the same potential to grasp the diversity of their delicatly formed molecular structures. Perhaps if we were ten times bigger, taste would have a whole order of magnitude more meaning to us. You'd have your cayenne spicy, and your wasabi spicy, plus another ten categories, all not requiring a trained toungue. Even a thirty foot youngster could decipher the difference, but still realize they hated it all, and regret turning 18 and having missed out on so much kick.

I think its safe to assume we are a very 'efficient' breed. We are this size because our surroundings, including our food, dictate so. I think its also safe to assume i have no point, i had to practically carry my brother home, i picked a caution light up off the street and stood it up straight, and i blew all this crap from my fingers and brain all in an effort to fight the entropy of the universe. But evolution, if obeying such laws, would've given us 3 legs, 4 arms, no thumbs, and a toungue that required external influence to actually taste anything (think acid/base). I can't fight change, but i can open a dialogue with it.


  1. If we where a tenth the size, the cats would destory us.

  2. I've often pondered this very thing. I think you have two very valid points. Think about the size question in relation to dogs. Some dogs are 10 times the height of other dogs. Like a Great Dane and one of those paris hilton gucci bag condo dogs. There may be a 50x different in size there. So does the pee smell 50x as strong to the Great Dane as it does to a cockapoo? shit. that would be ugly. imagine the other dog butt. terrible. no wonder those big dogs always have a sad look on their faces. as for the voluntarily evolving new limbs...i am totally in favor. speaking of which, i didn't realize you had a brother. word.