Thursday, October 27, 2005


Its thursday before halloween weekend. Can you believe the concept of a halloween weekend? I guess its been formulated in my, and others minds, because a weekend is the only time we can go out and 'have a good time' without the consequences of a 9-5 getting in the way. If non-children, or non-having-children people want to 'celebrate' halloween, when to do so? On the weekend preceding it of course! All this is bloody obvious, but silly in a way.

I really don't care for halloween. I was never an actor, always a horrible liar, and i never had the urge to be anyone else. Why would i want to dress up as anyone else? Then i come back to the fact that when you've got a good costume, and are surrounded with others making believe, it is damn fun to act like someone else or at the very least, look like someone else.... agg. I think halloween is my most cynical time of year. And xmas. But more so halloween, i just want it to end. Valentine's day can be pretty cynical too, but its always semi-hopeful/melancholy, and definitely revealing and telling and i can learn something about myself and others. For some reason i shut my mind down during this time. Must be trauma. Damn deja vu. I've said all this before... (scanning old entries). Ok not here, we're good. Please phycoanalyze away.

Computer, not yet back, but problem found by mad scientist looking computer fixer dude with a wedding ring. Good for him, i hope he can fix my problem.

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  1. Halloween is the best! No expectations to be let down, no presents to deal with and a yellow and black color scheme; what's not to like? If I was in charge we'd cancel christmas and have it twice.