Tuesday, October 4, 2005

falling down

fallen treeI know its hard to see, but trust me, theres a fallen tree here...

I arrived home last night to good and bad news. The good news? A parcel from amazon sitting on my front step. A little strange that they didn't leave it at the post office, but i got it, so o well. Contained within was the larousse cooking book and a terry goodkind novel. The bad news? A note on my door from the city looking for the owner. The reason? A massive tree whose roots are on my property fell last thursday, and only now am i finding out about it. O well. The picture really doesn't do it justice, its a massive tree. Its now raising doubts about another massive tree that every windy night threatens to crush me in my sleep. They're all weeds too, manitoba maples, they sprout anywheres and grow like crazy... then in a big wind storm, no matter how healthy they are, they can fall over. Just like that.

Anyways, hopefully my insurance will cover it's removal. Its currently resting on a bunch of telephone and cable wires. Bizarre it took me 4 full days to find out about it. My buddy in bc says if it's gonna cost more than a return plane ticket here he'll come out and lumberjack it himself... i think its too big, but this guy's pretty huge, arms the size of tree trunks they say...


  1. When I had my Manitoba maple cut down, they charged me a bit less because I wanted them to leave the wood behind for my fireplace. They cut it all into convenenient fireplace lengths.

    If you don't have a fireplace, you could advertise "free firewood" on FreeCycle.

    Or you could even do it now, and just say that in addition to picking it up, they have to cut it down.

  2. Thanks for the info David! I'm pending approval on the group... it may be a bit annoying for me because all the wood is actually going to fall in adjacent properties. O well, i guess i'll need to get it into my property somehow anyways, unless they just cart it away. I'll have to wait and see, i'm still waiting for insurance to get back to me.