Friday, October 14, 2005


Its been a long busy week of eating turkey gumbo leftovers all frickin week, i'm so sick of it and think i've put on some weight. It was good, but way too much... works been busy, been playing far too much poker. Saw Elliott Brood on wednesday, it was awesome, hopefully some pics soon - i've been a little detached from this and my regular online life cause my computer is 'in the shop'. Some hyperthreading/processor/motherboard crap methinks, hopefully they don't say 'reinstall windows'. That would suck. Anyways, i can't upload pics right now, i'm using my router to write this as i speak. Yes.

I wish it wasn't so gloomy outside. I sk8ed home last nite round 1am and had my first bail in years, hit a crack crossing somerset on percy, went flying, plump right into the pavement. For some reason the rain and wet ground made it feel a bit softer, at least i didn't chew my hands up. My right hip is sore and bruised and hurts when i run. Waa waa waa, bitch bitch bitch. Thats all i have to say. Friday is here, the best time of the week, friday eve is a 9to5ers utopian time to take on the world and feel as free as ever, and i do, and i will... for tonite anyways.

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