Friday, September 16, 2005


Its 9:07, why am i not on my way to work? I ask you, the people, to tell me why. I am hungover, tired, and slightly annoyed, and really, don't give a shit if i'm late for work today. Lately, I normally don't leave the house before this time anyways, but the act of writing this shows my utter spite for showing up at my 'normal' time today. It was a late(r) nite of high drama at a 'friendly' cash game last nite. While at times quite nasty, it turned out to be lots of fun by the end of it, all shookup, but no one got hurt.

So the answer really, is you, the people - it is for you that i am not at work. I'm writing, to tell you, the people, of these hard truths about my life that just couldn't wait until they were glossy and sugar coated as they would be if recounted tonite. I bid you all a fine friday.

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