Sunday, September 11, 2005

white cowbell oklahoma

At barrymores last nite to check out this band called white cowbell oklahoma. What an entertaining show.

It started with 2 openers, the first of which didn't get on till frickin 10 or so. The main act probably didn't start till midnight. I tried in vain to be casual about my beer sipping, but of course, why would barrymores want you out at midnight? Hence, i was feeling quite fine when the band came out, making loud noise in the background while a scary dude in a state trooper outfit lamented about the horror and inappropriate behaviour we were in store for.

The band itself was basically hillbilly rock n roll, not my scene really, they're a lot like big jeezus truck, whom i've seen many many times (normally at some friends of mine insistance, who ironically had no interest in last nites, much better show). I didn't care for the music really, but they did rock hard, and their stage antics were excellend.

They had this girl get on stage for 3 or 4 different songs, in 3 or 4 outfits, and basically provide eye candy, which was much approeciated by the males in the audience. She was even topless for a few moments, which made the show cross the line between a rock show and a strip show. Luckily by that time there were lots of women in the audience (for some reason unknown to me), so guys like me still knew what side of the line we were on.

The stage antics member (the guy that played the cowbell and did the state trooper thing) came out with a chainsaw and hacked a pumpkin to bits. That was pretty cool, it sprayed everywhere, i was back a ways so didn't get nastied.

These guys have no shame - just check out 'cock rags' in their store on the site. After the show while perusing their merchandise one of the 4 guitarists came up and started chatting with me, which i thought was very cool. I guess his name was hollis, he's got a video on their site of drinking 24 beers (the last 6 or so, are actually JD, but who's counting). Nice guy, not at all mean or gross, articulate, very cool. I kinda wish i bought a t-shirt, as bands and websites are basically clothing me these days, but i didn't. Not sure if i'm comfortable wearing that nasty no-shame around on me to people that would know.

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