Tuesday, September 27, 2005

takes two to love

Sometimes when i go for runs to pass the time i try to sing songs. Normally its the movie version of "when the tigers broke free" from the wall. Tonite it was "arnold lane" also from floyd but way older, i think syd sung it. I hardly remember the words... "arnold lane.... had a strange hobby. Collecting clothes, moonshine washing lineee. they suit him fine!... o arnold lane, its not the same, takes two to love.... two to love.... two to love... why can't you seeee!!!" I don't even know if those are right, and i'm certainly missing some.

Anyway i got home from my dart game a little disgruntled and needed to blow off some steam. Instead of buying cigarettes and chain smoking while drinking beer, i decided to go for a nice long run instead. I started through the experimental farm, which is a little spooky and unnerving alone after ten on a weekday. Once i got to the otherside of the locks i was greeted by 3 or 4 different groups of young folk smoking cheeba which was a much more welcome waft than tobacco smoke woulda been. I'm guessing carleton students res's are right there.

Somewhere between bank and pretoria i started trying to sing arnold lane. As the above lyrical mishaps are evidence of, i didn't get very far. That and i could hardly breath so singing just made running harder. I also made an obvious realization about balance. The reason i wanted a cigarette during crummy dart play was because i needed to regain my balance, with pleasure from a smoke. However, it would take balance away from health, making me feel shitty. To componsate for that, i might've decided to go for a run or do some yoga, but it's so less satisfying when you have to fight plugged lung recepticals. However, because i didn't want more imbalance, as i'm getting intolerant of it in my older age, i decide to forgo the smoke, go for the run, and hopefully feel all around better because of it. And i do/did.

Finally, on the home stretch, i saw some girls with candles in one of the glebe parks. I smiled, although it woulda been nice to see what they were talking about. However any sweaty dude approaching girls after 11 in a glebe park may be viewed as suspicious, but next time its less suspicious i should seize the opportunity.

Now, after shower, i'm sitting here eating feta cheese, peanuts, and yellow cherry tomatos to replinish some energy... i'm told you're supposed to eat after you run. Running was tough as i had a belly full of creamy pasta and lots of gas, the latter of which is now mostly dispersed along the canal. Sometimes when i decide to just eat whats in the house its really bad for you. I think i went through a cup or 2 of table cream in my sauce tonite, which is like 50 grams of fat or something. O well. I did learn something, you need a sharp cheese for alfredo. Brie? Not gonna cut it. I also am learning roasting veggies is the way to go for peppers and zucchini's.

Coherent much? Apparently not me today. I apologize for the lack of continuty but congratulate you if you made it this far!!! As a reward, try the all pizza diet (even though its kinda cheating, dude had smoothys for breakfast and only ate 6 slices a day).

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