Friday, September 30, 2005

sweet potato gnocchi part 1

sweet potato gnocchiSo i tried some sweet potato gnocchi. Pretty easy, cook some sweet potatos (i roasted although i've been told steaming is better), beat some flour in, knead, roll, cut, press, and boil. Pretty easy really. Perhaps as a product of thinking i've learned so much, thought there wouldn't be enuf gluten in sweet potatos to warrant omitting eggs. So i used a 50/50 semolina and all purpose flour mix. Not a good idea.

sweet potato gnocchiThe gnocchi, while well formed, not sticky, and cooked well, were far too chewy, thanks to the semolina. Next time, all purpose, all the way. The one bright note was the sauce. After a summer long hiatus on the straight up can based tomato sauce i haven't forgotten anything, in fact have learned, and it was perfect. Simple, just onion, mushroom, and a roasted red pepper, oh and garlic and basil, dang, it was fab. The meal wasn't horrible though, edible for sure, and next time it should be super provided i can get the proper consistency with just ap flour.

One additional note. I may or may not have mentioned to some of you that dry rieslings aren't that super? I finished the bottle, and by the end, it was tasting pretty good - probably a horrible mix for the meal, but it went down just fine.

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