Friday, September 16, 2005

sure seemed like so many anecdotes

... but i guess there wasn't that many. Everything always seems more monumental at 1:30 am when the music is loud, and you're surrounded by people losing one inhibition after the other.

"If it was me, and i was out with you and your girlfriend, i'd be all over all of that". Or something like that. Ya right, i would be too. I was out with a friend, his gf, and a bunch of her friends as it was one of their bdays. The opportunity to go out with a bunch of anonymous hot girls is something you regret passing by, so you rarely do. However, game plans are a necessity, as are balls, and confidence, and really, personality is something you can probably leave at home. I didn't bring much except a snazzy shirt... what did i say - "or the death of me will lie in the mirrors that dress me"?? I gotta listen to myself more.

Anyway, it was a fun nite, there was this ubersexy girl playing pool... wowy zowy, she was something else, but i've no idea what she's really like as she was a) dressed up a bit and b) intoxicated. For all i know shes ultra repressed and uptight and wears jogging pants to work (i seriously doubt the last one, but excuses are easier when paired with unattractive imagry).

I woke up today, and stayed in bed till 11 or so, tossing and turning, trying to guage the hangover. Not too bad really. I then, of course, had to have a yoga bout with the new sigur ros album - the concert is tomorrow!!!!! Super kickass pigeon today by the way, mabye if i get bold at some point i'll start setting up my camera and taking pictures of myself, get all narcissistic or something (as if i'm not already).


  1. Yes, but with more juicy details ...

  2. how was the sigur ros show? i was too late for tickets and am always sketchy about "theatre" shows....

  3. the juicy details will come, give me time to figure my voice out!!!

    The sigur ros show was, like their music, monumental. I don't think i've ever had my eyes well up at a show, nope, never. Full report tomorrow, i might regret passing on the here and now and present post show vibe, but alas, tis late...