Monday, September 19, 2005

quite a show

I was lucky enough attend the eagerly awaited sigur ros show last nite. Phenominal! I really should've written about it last nite like i said, but o well... hopefully i can capture some of the feeling.

Showed up at the bronson centre much later than i originally wanted, about 6:50. The line was around the corner, and then some... hence, our seats were not the greatest. The venue was small, cozy, and hot. I sweated profusely through much of the show until the doors at the back were opened to allow some breeziness. A small price to pay.

The opening act was some bizarro iclandic band (was it amilia or something?) that played a multitude of musical devices ranging from glasses to a saw. It was something to see, but only caught my attention for a few moments. My friend that accompanied me was more impressed with them than the main act... i shared no such feelings.

red screen

Sigur ros went on probably around 9. They had this white screen in front of the stage that produced this nifty shadowy effect, very dramatic. They opened with the first track of their new album, takk. It was amazing. I've only listened to the album since it came out last tuesday, but guess i've heard it enough to know where songs were coming from.


The lead singer absolutely blew me away. This pic here is him playing his guitar, with, as he did for the majority of the show, a bow. His voice just went so deep into my soul. For the first little while before he started singing i was worried i'd ruin the experience for myself. I'm used to listening to these guys almost as part of a religous experience whilst i do yoga - its as close as i get these days days to a religous experience. I thought if it didn't pull through, or if it sounded different or worse, or worse of all, if i realized these folks are just a bunch of dudes, probably younger than myself, that the experience would be ruined. This was not the case. I of course did realize the final point, but i got over it as i experienced breathtaking results of what creative people are capable of, most notably having me well up during the opening track to () which was played half way through the set. I took a video of that to get some of the sound, it doesn't do it justice, and it *still* makes the goosebumps i had all nite return. Damn, it was incredible.

The potential of this band is just ridiculous. They are just men and women of course, but they evoke such strong emotions in me. And purely from the sound, as i have no idea what any of the music is 'about' as i don't understand the lyrics. Perhaps it's easier for me to find meaning or purpose in the music if there is no painting with words, just of sounds by the vocals. The vocals are the most important part of this music too, sounds coming out of this guys gold plated lungs capable of making me (and perhaps others) cry. So irrational, so illogical, and i wouldn't change it for the world.


The visual effects were also very nice. This final picture, while blurry and crappy, shows the 'birds'. It was just a light projection painting a scene of birds on a wire. They would slowly fly away, and slowly return again. This was the final pre-encore song they did, and after all was said and done all the birds flew away. It was breathtaking.

I don't think i should ever try to look up the lyrics, or want to delve any more into these folks lives. I like it the way they are as demi-god producers of sound that can bring about emotions and feelings and moods that i am so grateful for yet feel is fragile.

Blah blah blah, ok, i guess some of the feelings came back...

post show beers

Anyways, they played quite a bit off their new album, but lots of old stuff too. They came out for one encore song, and two encore bows. I was surprised by the crowd, early 20's at best... i was not surprised by the 30$ t-shirts that barely had anything on em. Seen this too many times to be disillusioned, also too blown away to care, and can easily excuse on record company or managerial greed.

After the show we had drinks at the oak. 3 beers and a yag in about an hour, and really, all it did was take the edge off. O, and a few smokes (damnit, i don't care!!!). It was a great evening and i felt great all day today. I go see them every nite this week if they were in town, thats for damn sure.

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