Wednesday, September 7, 2005


I wouldn't think the word flem would be spelt phlegm. But it is. Here's a uk definition:

Phlegm arises from stagnation of the body fluids. It can cause symptoms such as mucous in the Lungs, nodules on joints, kidney or gall stones and/or lumps under the skin. If it blocks the Heart orifices it can cause some forms of mental illness.

Geez, i hope mine doesn't block the heart orifices. I guess i caught something in winnipeg and, while not too painful, has me operating well shy of 100%. As a friend pointed out it could be from the smoking... in part perhaps, my guess is airplane airbourne primitive lifeforms sneaking into my lungs or something. Where does it all come from? Stagnation of the bodily fluids? Laziness of the fluids perhaps? Lack of fluid motivation? Mabye they're just bored that they don't have to fight the constant smoking... no challenge, no ambition, nothing to work for. I guess i need to give them a purpose. I should go running.

In other news, my tenants have told me they're leaving. This is big news for me. I figured i'd have my current apartment and tenants for at least a year or so... now i have to jump back on the reno train, and consider moving downstairs and renting my much brighter, and imo, nicer, apartment for some more cash. To do this, i need to do some renos. Serious ones... i'm gonna be a busy mofo over the next few months. Or mabye i'll just open up an illegal card room/brothel downstairs... the possiblities are endless.


  1. yeah, i agree, a den of sin is something to seriously consider. you'll certainly have a steady clientele.