Monday, September 12, 2005

peanut butter soup?

I had a full evening.

My day started unusually, especially for a monday. I was up before normal, and was at my desk at 9:07. This is about 30 minutues earlier than usual. Work went quite smoothly, and i was home round 6.

I had many options. I decided, as with most mondays, to just follow my instincts. I had many things on my agenda:
- dinner
- excercise
- social behaviour
- house work
- dart practice

The last one is because my dart season starts tomorrow, and i haven't practiced at all in the past few months... anyways i'm happy to say, my focused mind (which of late, has been rare) came through in the clutch.

I went for a relatively short run - after my horrible showing on saturday (barely lasted 17 minutes) i did a short run (which for me is about 30, from here, straight south on percy to the canal, to the little glebe park and through it, back to percy, and home). It was great. I guess my cold and respritory illness is waning. I got home and started to fry onions, red peppers and garlic as per this african peanut soop recipe. I've been meaning to try this recipe for a week or so, basically to prove that anything involving a can of diced tomatos as half the bulk is never good... i think i've been proven wrong.

I had my shower, then finished off the dish. It was actually pretty good. I used chicken broth (sans msg) and cayenne instead of chili powder, but it was pretty good, very satisfying. Something about crunchy peanut butter, you can't go wrong. I'm still kinda shocked - i think improvements could be made too. More simmer time, slightly less tomatos, and some blending, would probably of made it super kick ass. It didn't need any salt either, most soops do, i guess the pb had enough.

Anyways, after that... i did the dishes. Then.... i watched some tv. Then... i took out the recycle. Then... ok then i realized i had enuf time to paint the ceiling of my bathroom. So i did. It only took like 30 min. I was quite impressed.

Ok, after that i got dressed (its hot today, after shower, just shorts, quite comfy), and sk8ed up to aloha to meet my buddy. Had a very nice stella, whilst listening to the empricals or something. Normally bands don't play on mondays as bimal normally does his dj thing, but this monday was different cus the band is going to china or something. Anyways, they were loungy and quite good.

After that pint, off to the oak for some much needed dart practice. To my surprise 2 good regulars were already playing, and so i got some quality games in... saw a couple jump the 'fence' and dine and dash... Dave tracked em down, good for him!! Bunch of savages in this town...

As i was paying my tab saw S and said hi. She was with her sis, post backstreet boys concert... ahhh girls. Guys like me are so silly. I don't even know why she's appealing, just stupid irrational chemistry i guess, but arggg!!!

Sk8ed home wanting a cigarette REAL bad... if i had only bumped into dart folk outside but i was so streamlined i didn't think to look. Good thing, i'm sure i'd regret it in the morning. I wonder if i can do it though? And by do it, i mean, when i really want a smoke, thinking it'll add to my immediate enjoyment for the evening, can i? Will i be ok? They say a smoke or two a day is fine... hmmm. I'm not convinced, but i'll probably learn the hard way.

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