Thursday, September 29, 2005

in no particular fortune

Our first and last love... self-love.

our love life will be happy and

Another 2 fortune pho day. The soop was super today. What is the significance of the last fortune being trimmed? Of course it is Your life, and it will be harmonious, but what if it isn't? If it were earlier, i'd spend some time reading crap into this. But its not. I'll take it for what it is, a bunch of words printed in some factory onto a little stick of paper meant to make people feel good. And they do.

Perception is incredibly powerful. I've been accusing myself of becoming a hypochondriac of late, but i'd like to think me being such a rational person that it's impossible. Perhaps if i'd be more impressionable i would be... or mabye i am. Its too late to read anything into any of this.

In other news, in case i didn't mention it, i now understand the casement window requirement. Its not for fire safety, its just general safety and liability. Having a door that leads from a second story dwelling to an unenclosed/unsafe space/area is bad. It should be replaced by a casement window that you can't fall out, but can still easily escape from. Makes sense... i'm planning on the deck, but it'll take some time. In the meantime i think a friend is moving in, he'll be 'cool' with the caveats at a slightly discounted rent, and all will be well in the world. There will be one relatively large party to celebrate the quick month of novemeber when the whole house is mine. O yes.


  1. Who would have thought there'd be a law against having second story doors to nowhere?

  2. It does go somewhere... outside!!!! Its a convenient method for excluding unwanted guests from exciting parties!!!! Locks automagically from the inside, making your first exit, your last!!! O boy, i can't wait to use it :)