Tuesday, September 13, 2005

hot semptember nites

Huh? Ya, today/tonite was gorgeous. I went and watched the first seven eighths of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy at my buddys place after work while gorging on dominos pizza and chicken wings. They mocked my spontaneous selection of bacon, onion and chicken, but who's laughing now!!! It was pretty good.

I then sk8ed over to a friends and then proceeded into a beatutiful stroll full of 2nd cups decaf earl gray. Saw the construction on the somerset canal foot bridge, man it's large!! Its 200 ft away from where i used to live on somerset, saw that place too, o how i miss that pad. Memories, memories. Quiet evenings like this playing my guitar, drinking beer and smoking my brains out watching the couples stroll by, and brooding. Those were spectacular times. I can still do it, but feel i need to be quieter, and not smoke my brains out anymore.

After that i toured to my friends place, he was a little occupied, then on home, looking for places to tear up, but didn't really balls up to any. I finished reading some of my comments on another blog with a history all its own... i anticipate a few more hits to this (in comparison) incredibly boring account of one dude's currently quaint and incredibly satisfying existence. For the ESI's sake, i'll try to spice up my life. And since I have been meaning to use more tumeric...

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