Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I think i need to do some research into flour and bonding agents. I tried to make some sweet potato gnocchi tonite. Decided to try sans gluten with some gluten-free hempseed flour i had. Also tried my previous no-egg recipe... i'm sure any semi-educated cook could tell me this is doomed to fail. What is there in this mix that will hold the cooked potato/flour mixture together... NOTHING!!! I think you need gluten. Or eggs. I don't know what gluten is, but i should probably find out. The sweet potato, my fav food du jour, needs to be worked into one of my other favorite recipes, gnocchi. Homemade gnocchi, while time consuming and precarious, is incredible.

Luckily i bought some storebought pasta this past weekend... fettucelle. Its basically fettucinni perhaps missing a mm or 2. Did my first tomato based sauce of the 'season' - today, being the last day of summer (o how i will miss they), couldn't be a better time to usher in the comfort canned tomato based sauce. Remember though, table cream (18% i think) is no substitute for whipping cream (35%). If you's be adding it to add that fattening flavourful kick, and you want to call someting "roseh", use the good shite will ya? Speaking of which, are there any cream substitutes that don't involve dairy? This has got me thinking i can alleviate recent tummy woes with a dietary change... why do i drink what is naturally intended for calfs anyways? Marketing? Culture? Mom? I'm old enough now, i should be able to figure out why i "drink milk, love life".

And then afterwards in a nutshelll..... ate, watched family guy, friend came over, went to clocktower, played with plastascene(sp), watched strange creatures come to life, eyed strangers inquisically to no avail, walked a friend home through centertown ghettos (ya right!), played a game of pool, organized future dart meetings, learned that the mill restaurant has decent waiters but the prime rib's too expensive for them to know what it tastes like, and finally, spent the last pint of beer on a cab ride home after walking thru a pool of water in the entraceway hall.... phew. Its amazing how you can think so little happenned but have so much to blab about. I could say so much more, but will refrain for the time being. Nice people were met and talked too, for this and recent anti-shy actions i am grateful, it was a terrific day.


  1. Gluten is made of endosperm. ENDO-SPERM!

  2. It was nice to meet you, albeit briefly!