Friday, September 2, 2005

and i'm off

I leave for winnipeg in a half hour, friends coming to pick me up. It should be a good weekend, i hope my faithful reader(s) won't be too sad that i'm gone... mabye i'll hook up some internet whilst i'm up there to feed this thing.

As a parting note, did you ever think you'd be happy to see gas at this price??
not so expensive gas anymore
I'm still not, but dang. A lot of crazy stuff is happenning in this world right now, for all i know getting on a plane to go to the pegger is a bad idea. I doubt it, but these things tend to sprout pretty fast. I hope they sort stuff out down there but i guess its too late to learn the lesson that building cities underwater is a bad idea. And guns, guns also, a bad, bad, idea.

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