Sunday, August 28, 2005

tremendous sunday

Today was a great sunday. A recently new friend of mine suggested "early" morning coffee. At the unheard of sunday hour of 9:50 or so, i left the house showered, and prepped with backpack. The coffee was a super time, i haven't been for "a coffee" with someone in ages.

After that i planned to be market bound, with a swing by city hall to see if any pride events were on. It was still a little early.

confederation park

I hit up the market and picked up some veggies for dinner. The basil was plentiful, pesto it was to be. I had a few pine nuts at home, and picked up some walnuts from hartmans on the tour home. I then tourned by the middle eastern grocery on gladstone near my house, of course they had bulk walnuts... but it gave me an excuse to hit up some lemon pistachios and fresh greek feta.

Whoa i got sidetracked. On the way back into centertown, the parade was in full swing. Heres a sneak peek:


Ok, finally at home, friends arrived, poker tables were fixed, pesto was made, and poker was played. In the break between the 1st and 2nd game, this was eaten by me:

pesto rigatoni

The pesto was pretty good, but not spectacular. More garlic, less basil for sure. The rigatoni was a second choice for noodle - last weekend i made a whack of fettucine noodles, and froze half of em. They were not my best noodles, too eggy, sticky going into the freezer, and stickier coming out. Compression does not suit fresh noodles well, they clumped even more upon their warm freedom, and had to be disposed of. There was also some leeks n zucchini n chicken in there, it was pretty decent. I got the pesto recipe here.

Ok, then i got to play guitar whilst the final game ended, sitting on the stoop, hearing the stones in the background... now i'm writing this. And then i go to bed, capping off a fabulous day. Tomorrow i see of montreal at barrymores, it should be a good time.

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