Monday, August 29, 2005

pea pasta of montreal

So it was a full day.

I woke up to check my email, realized i'd botched shite large at work, stressed, went to work, brought timbits, discovered the flaw and corrected, and still felt uneasy.

Got home, decided it was the day to try pea pasta. So i did. Here's the dough:

the pea pasta dough

It worked out ok but i was WAY short on flour. Started with a cup each of all purpose and durum semolina, ended up adding probably another full cup of all purpose. Had to do the roll out, add flour, roll out, technique. Haven't had to do much of that since i switched to durum semolina as the half flour base. But today, absolutely necessary. And after all thats said and done, hows it hanging:

drying pea pasta

And final product:

pea pasta

It was quite appetizing but pretty damn heavy. Cooked too much too, shoulda tried freezing some... next time, in the cold long winter, once i remember to appreciate the goodness all a hot tomato based sauce has to offer, i will try the same pasta with that. Pesto may have been a bit much.

Then, heavy tummied, i went to see of montreal at barrymores. It was... n't as what i was expecting, but it kinda was.

of montreal 1 of montreal 2 of montreal keyboardist 3

Based on my limited exposure, i assumed beaty happy go lucky indie pop. And thats pretty much what it was... during the show i had commentary to myself like crazy, less of it is here now. I did see a beer store girl... and a pretty hideous shirt on the lead singer, but i was wearing what he woulda called a pretty hideous shirt, so thats ok. They did play the one song of theirs i know well, bizare celebrations. It was cool. I guess i like climactic music, or at least was expecting that. Based on their loose roots with elephant 6 and neutral milk hotel, i expected more i guess... i guess i just love that style. There was no "in your heart there's a spark that just screams". Agg, pipe dreams. But it was good.

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